Huaihua Overview

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 怀化
  • Administrative Category: Prefecture-level City
  • Location: Western Hunan
  • Area: 27,564.3 square kilometers
  • Population: 4,960,000(2017)
  • Post Code: 418000

Administrative Division

Huaihua has jurisdiction over 12 counties (cities, districts) and a management committee, including 1 district, 1 city, 5 counties, 5 autonomous counties. Huaihua has a total of 200 townships(including 21 ethnic townships), 86 towns, 11 subdistrict offices, 275 community committees and 3855 village committees.


Huaihua has been called “the door to Guizhou and Yunnan and the throat of Hunan”. It is the west door of Hunan Province and convenient in transportation. With Hunan-Guizhou railway and Yidu( Hubei)-Liuzhou(Guangxi) railways, Huaihua has trains to Hangzhou and Shanghai in the east, Zhengzhou and Beijing in the north, Zhanjiang and Guangzhou in the south, Chengdu and Kunming in the west. According to the Ninth Five-year Plan, Chongqing-Huaihua railway would pass Huaihua, which is going to be constructed soon. The reuse of Zhijiang Airport in Huaihua is also under preparation. Huaihua has become an important traffic hinge connecting east and west, north and


Huaihua City enjoys a mid-subtropical monsoon climate zone with four distinct seasons, no cold in winter, no heat in summer, abundant light and heat resources, abundant rainfall, and simultaneous rain and heat, which is beneficial to crop growth. However, due to the influence of terrain, geographical differences and vertical differences are obvious, climate types are diverse, and natural disasters such as droughts and floods occur from time to time.

Best Time to Go

Huaihua can be visited at any time during the year and is at its best in spring, summer and autumn. The best time to visit Huaihua for general outdoor tourist activities is from early September to mid October. The best time to visit Huaihua for hot-weather activities is from mid July to mid September. In a word, Huaihua can be visited at any time during the year and is at its best in spring, summer and autumn.


Huaihua has well-developed network of air routes, railways and highways that reaches out to major cities in Hunan Province and other regions in China. Special tourist buses take visitors to every place of interest in the city.


Huaihua, a place with many ethnic minorities, has many unique folk festivals and the strong customs, which have become the major scenery line of Hunan Tourism. Although there are many traditional festivals in China, the most exciting is undoubtedly unique festivals for tourism. The main festivals are as follows:

Jingzhou Waxberry Festival(靖州草莓节)
Hongjiang Yellow Peach Festival(洪江黄桃节)
Zhongfang Grape Cultural Tourism Festival
Hongjiang Qianyang Sweet Orange Festival
Huaihua Countryside Art Festival(怀化农村艺术节)
Yuanling Panhu Dragon Boat Festival(沅陵盘瓠龙舟节)
Lusheng Festival(芦笙节)

What to Do in Huaihua

Characterized by spectacular landscapes, charming natural scenery and diverse ethnic customs, Huaihua is an impressive region to visit. With a history of 2,200 years, Qianyang Ancient Town was established in 202 BC, 1,400 years earlier than Dayan Ancient Town of Yunnan and 900 years earlier than Fenghuang Ancient Town. The history of Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn period (770BC-476BC). It was taken shape in the most prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty (713-766) and prospered in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Although the past glorious time of the millennium-old ancient town has gone, the old buildings and bluestone roads were left intact. Covering an area of 28.04 km2, Tongdao Wanfo Mountain is situated in Taipingyan Village of Linkou Town, a small town in Huaihua Tongdao Dong Autonomous County in Hunan. It is the biggest scenic spot in Tongdao and one of the biggest Danxia landforms in China as well. It won the laudatory title of “the Great Green Wall”. It is difficult to list all attractions in Huaihua one by one. If you want to know detailed information about attractions in Huaihua, you can see the introduction of attractions in the following. Of course, you can contact us for more detailed information. Therefore, come here, we can always find the right attractions for you according to your requirements. In fact, when you choose to go to Hunan, what you meet will be a dreamy trip.

History of Huaihua

In the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC), the Chu State expanded its domain southward to Hunan and administrative organizations began to be formally established in the area of Huaihua. After foundation of the People's Republic of China, Huaihua was once named Qianyang Prefecture and Huaihua Prefecture. In 1997, Huaihua Prefecture was renamed Huaihua City,a prefecture-level city under Hunan Province.

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