Huaihua Culture

Huaihua, the prefecture-level city of Hunan, is not only fascinating with local culture and human landscapes, but also its colorful ethnic customs, simple folk customs, unique regional culture, such as farming, festivals, costumes, diet and daily life, weddings and funerals, architecture, language, religious beliefs, etc. constitute a rich and colorful folk customs picture for your Huaihua Travel.

Ethnic Groups in Huaihua

Among the permanent residents of the city in 2016, the Han nationality was 2,909,659, accounting for 61.36%; the ethnic minority population was 1,832,289, accounting for 38.64%, including Tujia, Miao, Yao, Dong.

Ethnic Autonomous Counties in Huaihua

Ethnic Townships in Huaihua

Administrative Divisions Ethnic Township
Zhongfang County(中方县) Haojiping Yao Ethnic Township(蒿吉坪瑶族乡)
Yuanling County(沅陵县) Eryou Miao Ethnic Township(二酉苗族乡), Huochang Tujia Ethnic Township(火场土家族乡)
Chenxi County(辰溪县) Luozishan Yao Ethnic Township(罗子山瑶族乡), Houtang Yao Ethnic Township(后塘瑶族乡), Shangpuxi Yao Ethnic Township(上蒲溪瑶族乡), Sumuxi Yao Ethnic Township(苏木溪瑶族乡), Xianrenwan Yao Ethnic Township(仙人湾瑶族乡)
Huitong County(会同县)  Paotuan Dong Ethnic Township(炮团侗族苗族乡), Puwen Dong Ethnic Township(蒲稳侗族苗族乡), Mobin Dong Ethnic Township(漠滨侗族苗族乡), Baotian Dong Ethnic Township(宝田侗族苗族乡), Qinglang Dong Ethnic Township(青朗侗族苗族乡), Jinziyan Dong and Miao Ethnic Township(金子岩侗族苗族乡)
Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County(新晃侗族自治县) Mibei Miao Ethnic Township(米贝苗族乡), Butoujiang Miao Ethnic Township(步头降苗族乡)
Tongdao Dong Autonomous County(通道侗族自治县) Dagaoping Miao Ethnic Township(大高坪苗族乡)
Hongjiang City(洪江市) Shendu Miao Ethnic Township(深渡苗族乡), Longchuantang Yao Ethnic Township(龙船塘瑶族乡)

Traditional Villages in Huaihua

  • Wubaotian Village of Shangpuxi Yao Ethnic Township in Chenxi County, Huaihua
  • Jinyuan Village of Luping Township in Hecheng District, Huaihua
  • Saxi Village of Maodu Township in Hongjiang City, Huaihua
  • Shanxialong Ancient Village of Wanxi Township in Hongjiang City, Huaihua
  • Gulouping Village of Xima Township in Hongjiang City, Huaihua
  • Yuancheng Village of Yuanhe Town in Hongjiang City, Huaihua
  • Gaoyi Village of Gaoyi Township in Huitong County, Huaihua
  • Wenggao Village of Gaoyi Township in Huitong County, Huaihua
  • Jilang Village of Guangping Town in Huitong County, Huaihua
  • Daping Village of Lianshan Township in Huitong County, Huaihua
  • Mujiao Village of Yantou Township in Huitong County, Huaihua
  • Xiaoshi Village of Changzhai Township in Huitong County, Huaihua

Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Huaihua

Order Number Name Sex Date of Birth Project Name Declaration Place Classification
02-0436 Chen Gang(陈刚) Male 1957.12 Gaoqian(高腔) Chenxi County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0649 Zhou Jianbin(周建斌) Male 1963.08 Mulian Drama(目连戏) Xupu County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0650 Xie Yaowen(谢杳文) Male 1941.04 Mulian Drama(目连戏) Xupu County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0656 Long Ziming(龙子明) Male 1914.04 Nuo Opera(傩戏) Xinhuang County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0657 Long Kaichun(龙开春) Male 1930.06 Nuo Opera(傩戏) Xinhuang County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0658 Li Fuguo(李福国) Male 1963.11 Nuo Opera(傩戏) Yuanling County, Hunan Traditional Drama
03-1071 Wu Shangde(吴尚德) Male 1938.12 Dong Opera(侗戏) Tongdao County, Hunan Traditional Drama
03-1364 Su Tianmei(粟田梅) Female 1964.08 Weaving Skill of Dong Brocade(侗锦织造技艺) Tongdao County, Hunan Traditional Skill
04-1546 Tian Zonglin(田宗林) Male 1933.06 Dragon Dance(龙舞) Zhijiang County, Hunan Traditional Dance
05-2101 Mi Qingsong(米庆松) Male   Chashan Song(茶山号子) Chenxi County, Hunan Traditional Music
05-2401 Long Jingchang(龙景昌) Male   Nuo Opera(傩戏) Xinhuang County, Hunan Traditional Drama
05-2402 Nie Man'e(聂满娥) Female   Nuo Opera(傩戏) Yuanling County, Hunan Traditional Drama

History of Huaihua

In the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC), the Chu State expanded its domain southward to Hunan and administrative organizations began to be formally established in the area of Huaihua. After foundation of the People's Republic of China, Huaihua was once named Qianyang Prefecture and Huaihua Prefecture. In 1997, Huaihua Prefecture was renamed Huaihua City,a prefecture-level city under Hunan Province.

Trade Culture of Huaihua

The ancient trade city in the Hongjiang Administrative District of Huaihua features classic residential buildings of the south of Yangtze River, which present a living copy of the painting "Riverside Scenes on the Pure Bright Festival". As one of the "Eight New Grand Sights in Hunan Province", the ancient trade city has been listed as a key cultural unit under state protection. It was formed in late Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) built on the riverbank. There are residences scattered along the maze of lanes and streets. More than two thousand old buildings are still extant, through which the bygone days of this prosperous commercial town can be faintly seen.