Huaihua Festivals and Events

Huaihua, a place with many ethnic minorities, has many unique folk festivals and the strong customs, which have become the major scenery line of Hunan Tourism. Although there are many traditional festivals in China, the most exciting is undoubtedly unique festivals for tourism. Here, China Dragon Tours will introduce the representative ethnic festivals in Huaihua.

Jingzhou Waxberry Festival(靖州草莓节)

Time: June 3-30
Location: Jingzhou, Hunan
Jingzhou is known as the  "Hometown of Waxberry in China". At present, the county has planted 100,000 mu of waxberry. The Jingzhou Waxberry Festival and Promotional Events on Poverty Alleviation through Industrial Development is held in Aoshang Town, Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County every year. The initial aim of the festival is to build a nationwide marketing network with direct sales and online sales through "Internet Plus", cold chain logistics, and community-village assistance, so as to increase local farmers’ income.  On the day, more than 10,000 tourists and fruit processors and wholesalers from all over the country gathered in Jingzhou to taste waxberries. Of course, there are some shows staged at the opening ceremony every year.

Lusheng Festival(芦笙节)

Time: July 15 of the lunar month
Location: Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County, Huaihua
Lusheng Festival of Miao and Dong minority ethnic groups, is popular in the southwest of Hunan Province, and is the largest one annually held on the July 15 of lunar month. The festival has evolved in long years of Miao and Dong people's farming and agricultural living customs. With the entertainment provided to god and to human being main contents, and dance activities being the carrier, Lusheng Festival is a traditional folk culture with various activities ,including history, religion, folklore, art, trade and so on.  It is said that Miao people also called the Lusheng tube as Kongming tube, as Zhuge Liang (a Three Kingdoms strategist whose Chinese style name is Kongming) taught them how to make it. According to the records, the lusheng, which was widespread in the southwest as early as Tang Dynasty, enjoys a long history.

Yuanling Panhu Dragon Boat Festival(沅陵盘瓠龙舟节)

Time: March 12-14
Location: Yuanling County
Yuanling County was honored as "Birthplace of Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Race" by Chinese Dragon Boat Association in October, 2002. In May, 2011, Yuanling’s traditional dragon boat race was included in the National-level Intangible Culture Heritage List, praised as the "Biggest Sports Meeting for Modern Farmers". With many rivers winding through the land, Yuanling boasts a unique geographical advantage to hold numerous dragon boat races. The boat races here came to a natural integration with local customs, religious culture, and Yuan river customs. And it has been passed down from generation to generation. When visiting here, you may have chances to enjoy the launching ceremony of traditional Chinese Dragon Boat and the fantastic scene of dragon boat race, and to take a close look at the making of dragon boat.

Huaihua Countryside Art Festival(怀化农村艺术节)

Time: February 2-4
Location: Jinhai Village, Hecheng District
The Huaihua Countryside Art Festival is held in February every year. It is hosted by the Hunan Photographer's Association, and the Huaihua Tourism Bureau. The event would last from February 2 to 4. A series of countryside culture and the “Belt and Road” themed photography, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, and dances, instrumental music, sports, as well as folk custom activities were staged, such as making ciba, dragon dance, and campfire party.

Hongjiang Qianyang Sweet Orange Festival

Time: November
Location: Hongjiang City, Huaihua
Have a taste of Qianyang sweet oranges, which has a long-standing reputation as a "China's  finest sweet orange production base". With the fruit as the medium, the “Sweet Orange Festival” attracts tourists. When you taste the sweet oranges, you can also choose to pick up the oranges in the production base.

Zhongfang Grape Cultural Tourism Festival

Time: September
Location: Tongmu Town, Zhongfang County, Huaihua
Every September, Tongmu Town in Zhongfang County of Huaihua, which has the reputation of “China's southern grape valley”, is the most lively.  There are full of tourists under the grape vines in the mountains. In several chic farmhouses, diners sit under the grape vines with the age of more than several centuries. In the aromatic "grape ocean", it is a beautiful picture of tourists strolling through the grape promenade, fishing in the Puhai Green Lake, riding on the Puhai Greenway, feeling the unique winery style, and spending leisure time.

Hongjiang Yellow Peach Festival(洪江黄桃节)

Time: July
Location: Hongjiang City, Huaihua
The bright peach blossoms go with the spring, and the yellow peaches are ripe in summer. The yellow peach in Mayang, Hongjiang smells fruity, which is the leader of all kinds of yellow peach. In addition to experiencing the fun of picking yellow peaches, you can taste the yellow peach, enjoy the shows. 

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