Suoga Long Horn Miao Ethnic Group Scenic Area in Liuzhi District, Liupanshui

Suoga Long Horn Miao Ethnic Group Scenic Area

Suoga Long Horn Miao Ethnic Group Scenic Area is 45 kilometers away from Liuzhi city. Long Horn Miao Ethnic, a branch of Miao nationality, lives in the Gaoxing village of Suojia township. There are only about 5000 people in the world. It is distributed in 12 villages with Gaoxing village as the center, including 4 Gaoxing villages, 1 Anzhu village, 2 Xinhua Township and 5 Zhijin County.

Introduction of Suoga Long Horn Miao Ethnic Group Scenic Area

The scenic spot includes Suoga Township, Niuchang Township and Xinchang township. It has a famous Suoga ecological museum be known at home and abroad.


Miao village is built around the mountain, primitive and simple; people live a simple natural and economic life. The profound national culture and complete folk customs here have attracted many tourists When entering the stronghold, Miao girls will hold the corns of sheep and cattle full of rice wine and toast at the gate. After drinking the first sheep’s horn, if the tourists can’t drink anymore, they will hand the tip of the sheep’s horn back up.

How to Get There

  • The trains from Guiyang to Yunnan all stop by Liuzhi
  • Long-distance bus prices are similar. From Liuzhi to Suoga, it costs about 10 yuan per person. And taking a tricycle into the village.

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