Liupanshui Climate

Liupanshui city belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, influenced by the low latitude and high altitude, featuring pleasantly cool, comfortable, moist and fresh, with moderate ultraviolet radiation. It has been awarded the title of "Cool City of China" by Chinese meteorological society, and is the only city named with climate characteristics in China.

Temperature and Precipitation

Liupanshui has unique climatic resources. The highest elevation is 2900.6 meters, and the lowest is 586 meters, the three-dimensional climate is obvious. Liupanshui is located in Wumeng mountain area of the west of Guizhou province, annual average temperature of 15℃, the summer mean temperature of 19.7℃ and the winter average temperature of 3℃, no severe winter in winter and no intense heat in summer. Annual precipitation is 1200-1500 mm, and frost-free period of 200 to 300 days. Due to the large terrain fluctuations, partial climate differences are obvious. The total water volume of the city is about 14.218 billion cubic meters, of which the average annual flow of surface water is 6.4 billion cubic meters and the average annual flow of underground water is 5.268 billion cubic meters.

Tips for Liupanshui Weather

Tourist Season

Known as “Cool City of China”, Liupanshui enjoys a subtropical monsoon humid climate and has adequate sunshine and abundant rainfall. Variation of the overall temperature in Liupanshui is very small, and annual mean temperature of 12.3℃-15.2℃ all the year round. Even during hottest month of July and August, the daily average temperature in Liupanshui is 19.8℃, and the temperature is lower in the mountains. Therefore, it can also be said that in Liupanshui, autumn comes after spring. If you don't want to bear the crowds and high costs in tourist areas, if you want to find a summer resort with balanced temperature and humid but not hot weather, then Liupanshui should be one of the first choices.

Best Time to Visit

Liupanshui travel is possible throughout the year. However, known as "Cool City of China" and summer resort, the best time to visit Liupanshui is in summer. 

Packing Tips

1. The temperature difference in Liupanshui is large from daytime to night in the mountainous area. When travelling, you'd better to bring the long-sleeve clothes or coat, in case you catch a cold in the morning and evening. 

2. Even during hottest month of July and August, the daily average temperature in Liupanshui is 19.8℃, and the temperature is lower in the mountains. Coupled with moderate ultraviolet, don't worry too much about sun protection. Bring sunscreen and hat just in case. 

3. Many scenic spots in Liupanshui are in mountainous areas, so you are supposed to wear sneakers or climbing shoes, which are convenient for walking. 

4. Affected by monsoon, Liupanshui has abundant rainfall. Do not forget to bring rain gears like umbrella and raincoat in the rainy seasons. 

5. If you travel to Liupanshui in Summer and autumn, usually, you can just wear short-sleeve clothes and shorts, but you should prepare a coat for the temperature difference in the morning and evening. When travelling in spring and winter, although there is no severe cold in Liupanshui, sweater, heavy coat and trouser are also needed at these seasons. 

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