Liupanshui Culture

Liupanshui is a multi-ethnic prefecture-level city in the west of Guizhou Province. There are many ethnic minorities in Liupanshui, and in the long course of history, these ethnic minority people live in harmony with nature, create and inherit the excellent intangible culture, which forms unique ethnic customs. 

Ethnic Groups

There are a total of 44 minorities in Liupanshui city, among which the Yi, Miao, Bouyei, Bai, Hui and Gelao are indigenous peoples living in Liupanshui. The minorities with a population of over ten thousand include Yi, Miao, Bai, Buyi, Hui, Gelao and Shui 7 ethnic groups. 

Ethnic Townships

Administrative Divisions Ethnic Townships
Liuzhi Special District(六枝特区) Luobie Buyi and Yi Ethnic Township(落别布依族彝族乡), Niuchang Miao and Yi Ethnic Township(牛场苗族彝族乡), Zhongzhai Miao, Yi and Buyi Ethnic Township(中寨苗族彝族布依族乡), Suoga Miao, Yi and Hui Ethnic Township(梭嘎苗族彝族回族乡), Yuelianghe Yi, Buyi and Miao Ethnic Township(月亮河彝族布依族苗族乡)
Panzhou City(盘州市) Putian Hui Ethnic Township(普田回族乡), Jiuying Bai, Yi and Miao Ethnic Township(旧营白族彝族苗族乡), Yangchang Buyi, Bai and Miao Ethnic Township(羊场布依族白族苗族乡), Baoji Miao and Yi Ethnic Township(保基苗族彝族乡), Yuni Yi Ethnic Township(淤泥彝族乡), Pugu Yi and Miao Ethnic Township(普古彝族苗族乡), Pingdi Yi Ethnic Township(坪地彝族乡)
Shuicheng County(水城县) Yangmei Yi, Miao and Hui Ethnic Township(杨梅彝族苗族回族乡), Xinjie Yi, Miao and Buyi Ethnic Township(新街彝族苗族布依族乡), Nankai Miao and Yi Ethnic Township(南开苗族彝族乡), Qinglin Miao and Yi Ethnic Township(青林苗族彝族乡), Longchang Miao, Bai and Yi Ethnic Township(龙场苗族白族彝族乡), Yingpan Miao, Yi and Bai Ethnic Township(营盘苗族彝族白族乡), Yezhong Miao, Yi and Buyi Ethnic Township(野钟苗族彝族布依族乡), Guobuga Yi, Miao and Buyi Ethnic Township(果布戛彝族苗族布依族乡), Houchang Miao and Buyi Ethnic Township(猴场苗族布依族乡), Jinpen Miao and Yi Ethnic Township(金盆苗族彝族乡), Pingzhai Yi Ethnic Township(坪寨彝族乡), Huajia Miao, Buyi and Yi Ethnic Township(花戛苗族布依族彝族乡), Shunchang Miao, Yi and Buyi Ethnic Township(顺场苗族彝族布依族乡)

Traditional Chinese Villages in Liupanshui

  • Changtian Village in Changwan Village of Luobie Township, Liuzhi Special District, Liupanshui City六盘水市六枝特区落别乡长湾村长田组
  • Gaoxing Village in Suoga Miao, Yi and Hui Ethnic Township of Liuzhi Special District, Liupanshui City六盘水市六枝特区梭戛苗族彝族回族乡高兴村
  • Lujiazhai Village in Baoji Miao and Yi Ethnic Township of Panzhou City, Liupanshui六盘水市盘县保基苗族彝族乡陆家寨村
  • Emaozhai Village in Baotian Town of Panzhou City, Liupanshui City六盘水市盘县保田镇鹅毛寨村
  • Shuitang Village in Danxia Town of Panzhou City, Liupanshui City六盘水市盘县丹霞镇水塘村
  • Lemin Village in Shiqiao Town of Panzhou City, Liupanshui City六盘水市盘县石桥镇乐民村
  • Tuoyue Village in Shiqiao Town of Panzhou City, Liupanshui City六盘水市盘县石桥镇妥乐村
  • Dazhong Village in Yangchang Buyi, Bai and Miao Ethnic Township of Panzhou City, Liupanshui City六盘水市盘县羊场布依族白族苗族乡大中村
  • Tianmen Village in Huajia Miao, Buyi and Buyi Ethnic Township of Shuicheng County, Liupanshui City六盘水市水城县花戛苗族布依族彝族乡天门村

China Traditional Villages in Liupanshui City and China Traditional Villages in Guizhou Province

Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Liupanshui

Order Number Name Gender Date of Birth Project Name Declaration Place Classification
04-1498 Wu Tinggui(吴廷贵) Male 1947.08 Pange of Buyi(布依盘歌) Panzhou City of Liupanshui Folk Literature
05-3001 Xiong Guangzhen(熊光珍) Female / Miao Costume(苗族服饰) Liuzhi Special District of Liupanshui Ethnic Custom

More Inheritors of National Intangible Heritages in Guizhou Province

Folk Dances

Liupanshui folk dances are widely distributed and have various styles. From the role and purpose of dance, it is mostly life dance, which is a dance activity for the needs of life carried out by various ethnic groups. It usually includes custom dance, religious and sacrifice dance, social dance, entertainment dancing, sports dance and so on.

  • Custom Dance: The representative custom dances include Lusheng dance of Miao, Suona and flower drum dance and torch dance of Yi, bronze drum dance, Sama dance(撒麻舞) and rice transplanting dance, as well as money stick dance, fire dragon dance, lion dance, rowing land boat, lantern dance and so on. 
  • Religious and Sacrificial Dance: It is a ceremonial dance form. The representative dances include Lusheng sacrificial dance of Miao, Suona and flower drum dance, Tiaojiao dance, Haima dance, Bibo dance and bench dragon dance of Yi, sacrificial dance of Gelao, leather drum dance, Zhuangchang dance and Shidao dance of Han, etc. And other dances include Nuo/Di opera dance, Nuomian dance, God dance, Mila dance and the like. 
  • Social Dance: Within the Liupanshui city, the representative social dances include Dati dance(搭体舞) and bell dance of Yi, Lusheng group dancing of Miao, bamboo tube dance of Buyi, etc. 
  • Sports Dance: Flower stick dance(花棍舞) of Siyin Miao(四印苗) is highly ornamental and is the representative of folk sports dance in Liupanshui.  

Custom and Habit

  • Ethnic Festivals: Ethnic festivals in Liupanshui include Zhexi Nuo Opera(折溪傩戏), Cai Hua Dong(采花洞), Tiaohua festival and Torch festival and so on. 
  • Folk Music: Among various ethnic groups in Liupanshui, instrumental folk music includes Lusheng, Suona, straight flute, three holes flute, four holes flute, Yueqin, Erhu, bronze drum, bass drum, flower drum, leather drum, cymbal, gong, bell, wooden fish and so on. All kinds of instrumental music have different combination music scores, and play on different occasions. Lusheng tune, Suona score and bronze drum score are relatively distinctive and wide-spread. 
  • Food Culture: The food culture in Liupanshui has the characteristics of strong regionalism, diversified categories, rich cultural connotation, flexible cooking skills, unique food making, regional style historical inheritance and multi-compound.
History of Liupanshui

History of Liupanshui

The general area is significant as the seat of the historic Yelang political entity, a confederation of tribes that dominated parts of modern-day Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces....

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