Mount Minya Konka in Kangding County, Garze Prefecture

The Gongga Shan, also known as Minya Konka Mountain, is located in the south of Kangding, Sichuan Province. It is the main peak of Daxue Mountain. There are 45 peaks above 6000 meters, and the main peak—Minya Konka— is 7556 meters standing at the peak of the group, which rises above 6000 meters of the eastern side of the Dadu River. It is the highest mountain peak in Sichuan Province, known as the King of Shushan. It is a national scenic spot.

The main peak of the Gongga Shan is composed of granodiorite, which is influenced by the marine monsoon climate and forms various vegetation and natural ecological environment. The mountain winds two canyons: Yanzigou and Hailuogou Valley. Among which the swallow ditch is also known as the Eastern Alps. Gongga snow line is above 4600 m, and the scale of glacier development is large. The largest Hailuogou glacier on the eastern slope is 14.2 km long and reaches 2850 meters at the end, which has fallen into the forest zone. Under the glacial action, the mountain peak develops into a large cone-shaped angle peak, which makes it difficult to climb.

Famous Attractions



Hailuogou Valley(海螺沟)

Located at the foot of Gongga Snow Peak, Hailuogou Valley is famous for its modern glacier at low height above sea level. The Hailuogou Glacier in Sichuan is the lowest glacier in Asia and the nearest modern glacier to the city, with an elevation of only 2850 meters at the bottom of the glacier. Besides, there are many other famous scenic spots such as Grass sea, Hailuo Temple, Chengmen cave, Old viewing platform and so on. Besides, there are a large flow of boiling hot and cold mineral springs, large-area primary forest and high ice-erosion peaks, a large number of rare animal and plant resourcesin the valley. The gold and silver mountains add radiance to each other, which make the scenery quite spectacular.

Paomashan Mountain(跑马山)