Garze Festivals and Events

Garze Prefecture is the second largest Tibetan area in China and the core area of Kangba. For thousands of years, the ancestors living here have created splendid and colorful Kangba culture and festivals. Garze Festivals and activities introduce a brief introduction of festivals and activities and tell travelers Top Things to Do for Garze festivals Tours and important Garzê events and activities such as Litang Horse Riding Festival and Tibetan New Year. If you are looking for the best events and festivals in Garze listed on one platform - we have you covered.

Major Festivals in Garze

Name  Date
Tibetan New Year Tibetan Jan 1st
Randeng Festival(燃灯节) Tibetan Oct 25
Litang Horse Riding Festival Aug 1st-15th
Yangle Festival(央勒节) Tibetan Aug 15th
Zhuanshan Festival(转山节) Apr 8th
Shoton Festival Tibetan Oct 25th
Shambhala Ethnic Culture and Arts Festival Oct 3-7th
Gadeng Festival(嘎登节) July
December 13th Festival Tibetan Dec 13th
Serxu Horse Riding Festival July 28th to Aug 10th
Gesar Art Festival Tibetan June
Meeting the Autumn Festival Tibetan August
Wangguo Festival(望果节) Tibetan August
Golden Horse Festival Tibetan May 4th
Jiarong Tibetan Festival Oct 26 to 28

Garze Festivals and Events By Month

Activities in Garze

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