Garze Education

As of 2018, there are 833 schools at all levels in the prefecture, including 400 kindergartens, 376 primary schools, 51 middle schools (including 20 junior middle schools, 8 nine-year consistent schools, 3 vocational middle schools, 14 complete middle schools and 6 senior middle schools), 2 special education schools, 3 secondary vocational schools and 1 college. Here we introduce some information about the Garze education which helps students and teachers to design students education tours with local schools in Garzê.

Basic Information of Garze Education in 2018

  Internal Students Enrollment Rate Teachers
College 9551 / 561
Special Education School 158 / 22
Senior High School 20500 88.37%(Gross) 978
Junior High School 39200 98.74%(Net) 2951
Primary School 108300 99.74%(Net) 7615
Kindergarten 36300 / 1180

Colleges and Vocational Schools in Garze Prefecture

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Sichuan Minzu College 四川民族学院 No. 4, Wenhua Road, Guzan Town, Kangding City(康定市姑咱镇文化路4号) 0836-2856998 
Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Secondary Vocational and Technical School 甘孜藏族自治州职业技术学校 Dada Education Park, Luding County(甘孜藏族自治州泸定县大坝教育园区) 0836-3160998
Ganzi Health School, Sichuan Province 四川省甘孜卫生学校 No.55, Yutong Road, Guzan Town, Kangding City(甘孜州康定市姑咱镇渔通路55号) 0836-2855741
Garze School of Administrative 甘孜州行政学院 No.14, Xiangyang Street, Kangding City(康定向阳街14号) 0836-2812303

Top Middle and High Schools in Garze Prefecture

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Kangding County Middle School 康定中学 No.46, Lucheng South Road, Kangding County, Ganzi Prefecture(四川省甘孜州康定县炉城南路46号) 0836-2839980
Luding County Middle School 泸定中学 No.17, Dezhi Street, Anleba village, Luqiao Town, Luding County(泸定县泸桥镇安乐坝村得志街17号) 0836-3122234
Kangding County Tibetan Middle School 康定藏文中学 Xinduqiao Town, Kangding County, Ganzi Prefecture(甘孜州康定县新都桥镇) 0836-8222007
Luding County No. 2 Middle School 泸定县二中 Group 2, Shencun village, Xinglong Town, Luding County(泸定县兴隆镇沈村二组) 0836-3255215
Danba County Senior High School 丹巴高中 Lilong village, Zhonglu Township, Danba County(丹巴县中路乡李龙村) /
Jiulong  County Senior High School 九龙高中 Yingbin Avenue, Garze Town, Jiulong County(九龙县呷尔镇迎宾大道) 0836-3322106
Yajiang  County High School 雅江中学 No. 108, Chengdong New District, Yajiang County(雅江县城东新区108号) 0836-5124439
Luhuo County High School 炉霍中学 Linglong Road, Xindu town, Luhuo County(炉霍县新都镇灵龙路) 0836-7322527 
Garze County Minzu Middle School 甘孜县民族中学 No. 128, Dongda Street, Ganzi County(甘孜县东大街128号) 0836-7521604
Daocheng County Middle School 稻城县城区中学 Urban area of Daocheng County, Ganzi Prefecture(甘孜州稻城县城区) 0836-5728102

Top Elementary Schools in Garze Prefecture

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Chengguan Primary School 城关小学 No. 89, Tiranseba, Gaocheng Town, Litang County(理塘县高城镇替然色巴89号) 0836-5322557
Ganzi County No.1 Primary School 甘孜县第一完全小学 No. 63, Genbuxia, Ganzi County(甘孜县根布夏63号) 0836-7523270
Kangding Huis Primary School 康定县回民小学 No. 47, Yanhe East Road, Lucheng Town, Kangding County(康定县炉城镇沿河东路47号) 0836-2831891
Kangding County Tibetan Primary School 康定县藏族小学 No. 101, Dongda Street, Lucheng Town, Kangding County(康定县炉城镇西大街101号) 0836-2821892
Luqiao Town Central School 泸桥镇中心校 Zanli village, Luqiao Town, Luding County(泸定县泸桥镇咱里村) 0836-3127095
Danba County Chengqu Primary School 丹巴县城区小学 Zhanggu Town, Danba County(丹巴县章谷镇) 0836-3523230
Jiulong County Chengqu Primary School 九龙县城小 Tuanjiexia street, Jiulong County(四川省甘孜州九龙县团结下街) 0836-3323161
Xinlong County Chengqu Primary School 新龙县城关小学校 No. 27, Shangjie Street, Xinlong County(新龙县上街27号) 0836-8122011
Renda Town Central Primary School 仁达乡中心小学 Renda Township, Luhuo County(炉霍县仁达乡) 0836-7923409
Xinlong County Guli Central Primary School 新龙县谷日中心小学 Guli village, Sewei Township, Xinlong County(新龙县色威乡谷日村) 0836-8122100
Baiyu County Chengqu No.1 Primary School 白玉县城区第一完全小学 No.75, Jianshe Road, Baiyu County(白玉县建设路75号) 0836-8322149
Xiangcheng  County Primary School 乡城县城区小学校 Xiangcheng county urban area(乡城县城区) 0836-5826682

Top Kindergartens in Garze Prefecture

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Kanding Benmayinli Royal Kindergarten 康定本玛印里.皇家幼儿园 Kangding County, Garze Prefecture(甘孜州康定县) 0836-2877799
Daofu County Kindergarten 道孚县幼儿园 No. 2, Jiefang street, Daofu County(道孚县解放街2号) /
Garze County Kindergarten of Education and Sports Bureau 甘孜县教育体育局幼儿园 No. 40, Dongdajie, Ganzi Town, Ganzi County(甘孜县甘孜镇东大街40号) 0836-7523259
Dege County Chengguan Kindergarten 德格县城关幼儿园 Weisheng Street, Gengqing Town, Dege County(德格县更庆镇卫生街) 0836-8223378
Luding County Chengguan Kindergarten 泸定县城关幼儿园 No. 28, Shengli Lane, Luqiao Town, Luding County(泸定县泸桥镇胜利巷28号) 0836-3122036
Danba County Chengqu Kindergarten 丹巴县城区幼儿园 Jianshe street, Zhanggu Town, Danba County(丹巴县章谷镇建设街) 0836-3523877
Garze Prefecture Kindergarten 甘孜州幼儿园 No. 23, Guangming Road, Kangding County 0836-2836485
Daocheng County Jiguan Kindergarten 稻城县机关幼儿园 No. 6, East Street, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County稻城县金珠镇东街6号 0836-5728176
Yajiang County Kindergarten 雅江县幼儿园 No. 5, Jiefang street, Yajiang County甘孜藏族自治州雅江县解放街5号 0836-5124601
Luhuo County Kindergarten 炉霍县幼儿园 No. 6, Commercial Block of Luhuo County四川省炉霍县商业街区6号 0836-7322526

Garze Educational Tours

For ten years, we have helped teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel. Our student programs are designed for participating in diverse local activities and improving student’s appreciation for traditional Chinese values and lifestyles. Students can live with homestay families who have been chosen and trained in hosting student groups. These experiences with the local people will provide memories and learnings that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in Garze Students Educational Tours, please contact us.