Garze Dining

The Dining in Garze is determined by local specialties, ecological environment and cultural background. According to this, the Tibetan diet in Garze can be divided into several dietetic cultural zone of pastoral area, Kangbei agricultural area, Kangnan agricultural area and Kangdong agricultural area. The pasturing area is dominated by beef and mutton, dairy products, tsamba and flour, as well as Zhuoma (commonly known as ginseng fruit). The main food in Kangbei agricultural area is highland barley, wheat and pea, as well as cattle, sheep, pork, dairy products, potato, etc. In Kangnan agricultural area, highland barley and wheat are the main food, and corn, buckwheat, potato, cattle, sheep, pork, etc. The main food in Kangdong agricultural area is corn, buckwheat, and soybeans and kidney beans. Meat is mainly pork and mutton, and there are abundant wild animals, such as rabbit, deer, water deer, blue sheep, wild boar and pheasant. 

Must-eat Food in Garze


Tsamb is an important Tibetan food. It's very simple to make. Just dry and fry the highland barley, then ground them into fine flour. The Zanba in Garze County is different from other places, and it is a kind of Shuitao Zanba with local characteristics. Shuitao Zanba has a long history. It is famous in Kangba for its good selection of materials, fine processing and delicious fragrance. In 1992, Xueshan Zanba was praised by the prefecture and abroad for its excellent quality, taste, color and fragrance, and was officially patented.

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Kangding Yak Meat

Kangding yak meat is so delicious that it can be fried and braised in brown sauce, stewed or dried in the sun. It has a unique taste. It's really a pleasure to eat yak meat in Kangding. And in the market you can buy Ganba, meat pine and other gifts for friends. Yak meat can be eaten with chili oil, which is still delicious. There are yak meat and smoked beef in Kangding. Compared with other special products of Kangding, it has a special flavor.

Xiang Pig's Leg

In Jiarong language, it is called "Ba'ami". Xiang pig's leg is one of Danba's native products. In addition to the Han nationality residential areas in river valley,  the rest of the villages in Danba make Xiang pig's leg. Danba pig's leg is famous in beauty Valley and is loved by many tourists. Its unique production method is even more amazing. When eating, cook the skin or bake it with charcoal fire, cut it into small pieces or tear it into vermicelli shape, and the the fragrance can be smelled within 100 meters. It is tender and fragrant, nutritious and appetizing. 

Moxi Old Bacon

Moxi old bacon is a local specialty of Hailuogou, which is made of pigs raised by local farmers as raw materials. The green and pollution-free pork is processed by traditional techniques such as salting, drying, smoking, etc. So the cured meat is fat but not greasy, fragrant and delicious. The characteristic of Moxi old bacon is using the local green and pollution-free pork as the raw material and using the traditional ingredient pickling method. Whether it's for your own consumption or for your relatives and friends, Moxi old bacon is definitely a good local specialty. 

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Popular Snacks in Garze

Batang Tuanjie Steamed Stuffed Bun

Tuanjie Steamed Stuffed Bun is popular in Tibetan areas of Sichuan Province. It has a unique shape, looks like a bun or pan. It can be big or small. The small one can be eaten by a family of five and the big one can be eaten by a row of people. It can be served both as staple and non-staple food, and it tastes delicious, oily and not greasy. During the Spring Festival or the reunion of relatives and friends, this kind of Tuanjie bun is often steamed to celebrate.

Milk Residue in Garze

The traditional biscuit snack "Tui" is made of milk residue and butter. Milk residue is produced with butter and extracted from milk. After the butter is separated, the remaining milk is boiled with fire and cooled to sour milk. Pour the sour milk on bamboo bucket filter and the left on the filter are milk residue. The milk residue are white and sour, which have a strong effect of helping digestion. When going out, Tibetans often bring milk residue to prevent water and soil discomfort.

Green Spinach Noodles

Green spinach noodles are popular in Western Sichuan. Use the first-class flour, spinach juice and egg white to mix into a very hard light green water dough. After kneading, make it into noodles by hand. Fold it several times and cut into willow leaf shape or spaghetti. Green spinach noodles are green in color, soft and smooth, and delicious in soup, which are the best in Sichuan pasta.

Daofu Tibetan-style Mooncake

It is a long-standing folk custom of the Han nationality to enjoy the moon and taste moon cakes. Tibetan people do not have this custom, but in Xianshui town and Xiede Township of Daofu county, Tibetan people, like the Han nationality, also have a popular Mid Autumn Festival. On this day, every family makes a "Tibetan moon cake", which is commonly known as "Huamomo".

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Famous Drinks in Garze

Barley Wine

Known as "Tibetan beer", barley wine is yellowish with acid and sweet, which is an indispensable beverage in the life of Tibetan people, as well as a good drink to celebrate festivals and treat friends.

Butter Tea

In Tibetan's home, the butter teapot is being simmered on the Huotang (a kind of Chinese fireplace) from morning till night, and you can drink fragrant and hot butter tea at any time. Butter tea is rich in nutrition, delicious and refreshing, and it is popular among Tibetan people.Yak butter tea has been dubbed as the "Tibetan national beverage”.


Zajiu is a popular type of home-brewed wine. The barley is cooked and then stored in the altar with distiller's yeast. When drinking, add some cold boiled water into the altar and use bamboo tubes to drink from the altar.

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Recommended Restaurants in Garze

  • A're Tibetan Food(阿热藏餐)
    Add: 1/F, Taining Hotel, No. 60, Xinshiqian street, Kangding(康定新市前街60号泰宁酒店1楼)
    Tel:  0836-6696777
  • Shengdilamucuo Tibetan Restaurant(圣地拉姆措藏餐吧)
    Add: Second floor, Tianyushenzuo, New District A, Kangding(康定新区A区对面天域神座二楼)
    Tel: 0836-5728900
  • Jinlunlinka Tibetan Restaurant(金轮林卡藏餐厅)
    Add: Section 1, Gongga Road, Daocheng County (near Xueshan Square)稻城县贡嘎路一段(近雪山广场)
    Tel: 0836-5726678
  • Baccarat Restaurant(百佳乐饭店)
    Add: Snow mountain square, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County(稻城县金珠镇雪山广场,金珠大酒店对面)
    Tel: 18783633706
  • Dingsange Time Honored Brand(丁三哥老字号)
    Add: No. 113, Dongda Street, Kangding(康定县东大街清真寺旁113号)
    Tel: 0836-2834176
  • Yipinxuan Hot Pot(一品轩火锅)
    Add: South side of Danba family planning service station(丹巴县计划生育服务站南侧)
    Tel:  0836-3529118
  • Grassland Yak Hot Pot(草原牦牛火锅)
    Add: No. 35, West Jinma Avenue, Sertar(色达金马大道西路35号)