Garze Travel Tips

Garze Prefecture is the closest Tibetan area to Chengdu, and the easiest travel to. To give you a better Garze travel experience, we provide you some useful Garze travel tips which may be helpful for your Garze tour. When plan your trip to Garze, view our answers to questions about Garze travel to get a better understanding of Garze.

Useful Numbers

  • China International country code number: 0086
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Telephone Information Enquiry: 114
  • Weather Report: 121
  • Post Code Check: 184
  • Time Check: 117
  • Consumer Complaint Center: 12315
  • Tourist Complaint: 0836-2835692
  • Post codes: 626000
  • Tel code: 0836

Banks in Garze

  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Sichuan Garze Sub-branch)中国工商银行(四川甘孜支行)
    Add: No. 151, Xiangyang Street, Kangding City(康定市向阳街151号)
    Tel: (0836)2830838,(0836)2830878
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Litang County sub-branch business office)中国农业银行(理塘县支行营业室)
    Add: No. 80, Tuanjie Road North, Gaocheng Town, Litang County(理塘县高城镇团结路北段80号)
    Tel: (0836)5322636
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Sertar County sub-branch)中国农业银行(色达县支行)
    Add: No. 10, Tuanjie South Street, Seke Town, Sertar County(色达县色柯镇团结南街10号)
    Tel: (0836)8522658
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Kangding Daduhe sub-branch)中国农业银行(康定大渡河支行)
    Add: No. 3, Jinzheng lane, Guzan Town, Kangding City(康定市姑咱镇金正巷3号)
    Tel: (0836)2855185
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Garze County sub-branch)中国农业银行(甘孜县支行)
    Add: No. 81, Jiefang Road, Garze County(甘孜县解放路81)
    Tel: (0836)7522568
  • China Construction Bank (Kangding Lucheng sub-branch)中国建设银行(康定炉城支行)
    Add: No. 70,  Xida Street, Lucheng Town, Kangding(炉城镇西大街70号)
    Tel: (0836)2824662
  • China Construction Bank (Luding sub branch)中国建设银行(泸定支行)
    Add: No. 190, Hongjun Road, Luding County(泸定县红军路190号)
    Tel: (0836)3150166
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Daocheng County sub branch)中国农业银行(稻城县支行)
    Add: No.5, Section 1, Yading Road, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County(稻城县金珠镇亚丁路一段5号)
    Tel: (0836)5728166

Post Offices in Garze

  • Garze County Post Office(甘孜县邮政局)
    Add: No. 11, Jiefang street, Garze County(甘孜县解放街11号)
    Tel: (0836)7522521
  • Kangding Post Office North Gate Business Department(康定市邮政局北门营业部)
    Add: No. 148, Xida Street, Lucheng Town, Kangding City(康定市炉城镇西大街148号)
    Tel: (0836)2835482
  • Jiulong County Post Office(甘孜州九龙县邮政局)
    Add: No. 2, Tuanjie Xia Street, Jiulong County(团结下街2号)
    Tel: (0836)3322665
  • Litang County Post Office(理塘县邮政局)
    Add: No. 102, North Tuanjie Road(团结路北段102号)
    Tel: (0836)5322415
  • Batang County Jinxianzi Avenue Post Office(巴塘县金弦子大道邮政支局)
    Add: No. 234, Jinxianzi Avenue, Batang County(巴塘县金弦子大道234)
    Tel: (0836)5622109, (0836)5622118
  • China Post (Luding County Post Office)中国邮政(四川省泸定县邮政局)
    Add: No. 232,  Hongjun Road, Luding County(红军路232号)
    Tel: (0836)3122555
  • China Post (Danba County Post Office)中国邮政(丹巴县邮政局)
    Add: No. 125, Tuanjie Street, Danba County(团结街125号)
    Tel: (0836)3322015

Hospitals in Garze

  • Garze People's Hospital(甘孜州人民医院)
    Add: No. 94, Xida Street, Kangding City(康定市西大街94号)
    Tel: (0836)2827682
  • Garze Tibetan Hospital(甘孜州藏医院)
    Add: No. 41, Lucheng South Road, Kangding City(康定市炉城南路41号)
    Tel: (0836)2838503
  • Kangding People's Hospital(康定市人民医院)
    Add: No.29, Qingge Road, Kangding City(康定市情歌路29号)
    Tel: (0836)2811445
  • Kangding No.2 People's Hospital(康定市第二人民医院)
    Add: No. 45, Yutong Road, Guzan Town, Kangding City(康定市姑咱镇鱼通路45号)
    Tel: (0836)2857120
  • Daocheng County People's Hospital(稻城县人民医院)
    Add: No.9, Section 2, Yading Road, Daocheng County稻城县亚丁路二段9号
    Tel: 0836-5728430 
  • Litang County People's Hospital(理塘县人民医院)
    Add: Near No.2, Xiwang Road, Gaocheng Town, Litang County(理塘县高城镇希望路2号附近)
    Tel: (0836)5322127
  • Garze County People's Hospital(甘孜县人民医院)
    Add: No. 140, Dongda Street, Garze County(甘孜县东大街140号)
    Tel: (0836)7523539
  • Sertar County People's Hospital(色达县人民医院)
    Add: No.38, east section of Jinma Avenue, Sertar County(色达县金马大道东段38号)
    Tel: 0836-8522136

Best Time to Visit Garze

Ganzi Prefecture is located in the high mountain and plateau area of Northwest Sichuan. It is long and cold in winter and rainy and foggy in summer. Therefore, spring and autumn are the best season to visit Garze.

  • Spring (April to May) in Garze is full of flowers and pleasant scenery, which is suitable for people who are vigorous and love nature;
  • Autumn is colorful and charming especially in Xinduqiao, Jiagenba, Daocheng and Yading, which is suitable for photography lovers. Moreover, it is easier to see Gongga mountain, the king of the mountains in Sichuan.
  • If you like the beautiful scenery of snow capped plateau, you can travel between November and December, but you need to take more safety protection measures than usual.
  • It is not recommended to travel between January and February, because many places in Garze Prefecture will be blocked by snow at this time, so it is very inconvenient to travel.

See more about Best Time to Visit Garze.

What to Wear in Garze

  • Spring: The average temperature in spring ranges from -4.0 ℃-11.0 ℃. You need to wear suits, bodysuit, windbreaker, casual wear, jackets, suits, thin sweaters in the daytime; wear a coat, winter coat, leather jacket, jacket coat, thick sweater, fur hat leather gloves, heavy coats at night.
  • Summer: The average temperature in summer ranges from 7 ℃-20 ℃. You need to wear cotton fabrics single short suits, T-shirts, thin denim shirt and trousers, casual wear, career suits in the daytime; wear coats, coats, clip coats, jackets, sweaters, wool suits, suits, winter clothes and other warm clothing at night.
  • Autumn: The average temperature in autumn ranges from 5 ℃-18 ℃. You need to wear cotton fabrics single short suits, T-shirts, thin denim shirt and trousers, casual wear, career suits in the daytime; wear coats, coats, clip coats, jackets, sweaters, wool suits, suits, winter clothes at night.
  • Winter: The average temperature in winter ranges from -9 ℃-7 ℃. You need to wear coats, coats, clip coats, jackets, sweaters, wool suits, suits, winter clothes in the daytime; wearing a coat, winter coats, leather jackets, thick wool coats, hats, gloves, jackets, coats at night.
  • The altitude is high and the ultraviolet is strong, so hat, sunscreen and sunglasses should be prepared for traveling to Ganzi Prefecture.

How to Get to Garze

Garze Prefecture is the closest Tibetan area to Chengdu, and the easiest travel to. It is just 4 hours from Chengdu to Hailuogou, and from there only another few hours to Kangding. The road between the counties of Garze are well-paved, and almost the main tourist destinations have a good road condition. However, due to the limitations of natural conditions, roads are vulnerable to damage, especially in the rainy season, many places are prone to natural disasters such as landslides and mudslides, so driving and traveling in these places need to be very careful. Especially when traveling to Garze in winter, pay special attention to the traffic conditions when passing snow mountains. Please pay attention to the weather forecast.

High Altitude Precautions

Garze Prefecture is characterized by Tibetan culture, snow mountain and grassland scenery, with a high average sea level. Many people will have altitude illness when they go to Garze Prefecture, so we should be prepared to prevent plateau illness. 

  • After entering Garze Prefecture, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid drinking wine and smoking, and do less vigorous exercise.
  • When traveling in Garze Prefecture, it is better to prepare some commonly used drugs, such as drugs for high altitude sickness, multivitamins, antibiotics, cold drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, etc.

Respect the Local Customs

Tibetan people are generally not taboo to be photographed by guests. However, due to their habits, Tibetan in some places also refuse to be photographed by guests or take photos with guests. Therefore, it is better to ask before taking photos.

In order to respect the local ethnic customs, it is not allowed to watch the celestial burial without permission, let alone take photos or photos without permission.

Safety Concerns

Garze is rich in land and material resources with a small population. Except in the vicinity of counties and towns, it is difficult to meet people in other places, and many places do not have mobile phone signals. 

Due to the large area and many snow mountains,  make the travel plan carefully and take some safety measures for the travel. Generally, travel alone is not allowed, and it is better to travel with partners.

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