Liuye Lake in Changde

Liuye Lake

Liuye Lake is Located in the northeastern urban area of Changde, Hunan Province, Liuye Lake is bounded by the Taiyang Mountain on the north and facing the Yuan River on the south. Covering 21.8 square kilometers, Liuye Lake, named after its shape that resembles a willow leaf, is the largest lake within a city’s downtown area in China. Nestled among the mountains, the lake glitters like a giant diamond when the sun shines.

Introduction of Liuye Lake

Liuye Lake gathers city, lake, mountain and island. Liuye Lake is 2.5 kilometers from city area. It has a programming total area of 44.96 square kilometers, among which the water area is 21.8 square kilometers, three times as big as West Lake.

In the northeast of Liuye Lake, there are Sun Mountain and Moon Mountain. In the mountain, there are more than 1300 kinds of trees, such as sub-tropical evergreen tree, pine tree, bamboo, camphor tree, among which 33 kinds are rare plants under national protection. Near Liuye Lake there stands Baihe (white crane) Moutain. 

Between April to Sep., thousands of white cranes, aigrette, widgeon and squawk paddle in Liuye Lake. Liuye Lake gathers many rare animals. It teems with fresh water fishes, with a variety of 54 kinds, among which willow leaf crucian carp, willow leaf whitebait are very famous.


  • Islets on the lake are covered with luxuriant plants. Seen from afar, they look like emeralds embedded on a giant hairpin some goddess might have dropped.
  • The surrounding mountains add to the charm of the lake. To its north is Baihe Mountain, a long-time habitat of white cranes.

The Water Park was opened to visitors on June 6, 2015. Covering a total area of 333 hectares, the park is located on a beautiful island in the lake. And it offers a sections of rides and attractions, including musical fountains, golden beaches, a 120-meter-tall Ferris wheel. Lovers of Plants can also enjoy the 133 hectares of flowerbeds in the park.

Simalou (司马楼) on Liuye lake in Changde, Hunan, China. The name breaks down to “Sima”, an official title in ancient China, and “lou”, meaning simply “building”. The first part of the name is a reference to Liu Yuxi (刘禹锡) a famous Tang Dynasty poet who served under that title for nine years in Changde. Behind the building is a statue of Liu Yuxi.

How to Get There

  • By Train 
    Changsha – ZhangjiajieWuxi – Huaihua ¥30 – ¥120→Changde→Liuye Lake
  • Drive from Changsha to Liuye Lake 1h 56m
     Approximate fuel cost: ¥110 – ¥170

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐