Changde Dining

Changde not only has beautiful sceneries, but also the food of Changde can capture your heart and stomach quickly. Spicy, is the feature of Hunan Cuisine. What's more, the cook can skillfully prepare many dishes with a delicious taste and a beautiful presentation by adding various seasonings and adopting a wide variety of cooking techniques.

What to Eat in Changde

Changde beef Rice Noodles(常德牛肉米粉)

Changde is actually quite famous for the Beef Rice Noodles(niurou mifen). The noodles themselves are very distinct and cannot be found in other place except for Changde. The noodles are the perfect consistency and absorb just enough flavor from the delicious soup without getting waterlogged. The soup is very delicious. What's more, Hunan Cuisine has the same feature with Sichuan Cuisine, namely, spicy. The big difference is the lack of the peppercorns that numb your mouth.

Chuanyan Baba(A kind of cake)(穿眼粑粑)

If you are familiar with the deep-fried dough stick(油条), then Chuanyan Baba will be a familiar food. It is a deep-fried ring with scallion bits throughout the dough and definitely not a health food. The fried pastry is fairly unique to Hunan. These savory ones that are crispy and fluffy for eating on their own or dipping into beef noodle soup are very tasteful. 

Fried Sardines (煎沙丁)

It is another rather classic dish in Changde. The sauce is not very salty nor greasy, probably very mild soy sauce combined with some other spices. When you eat the fried sardines with the sauce, you will be so surprised that there is a kind of such delicious food.  If you’ve never tried sardines prepared this way, I urge you to do so – they’re so crispy that even the bones can be eaten directly.


One of the classics of Chinese cuisine, bouilli is a delicious concoction made with braised pork belly. The meat is boiled and doused in a rich mixture of rice wine, sugar, and light and dark soy sauce. All the ingredients form a sweet and sticky sauce of vibrant red color in which the pork belly is cooked until tender.

Spicy Salted Duck(酱板鸭)

"Spicy Salted Duck" is a famous specialty in Changsha. The way of preparing Hunan dishes involves thirty rare Chinese traditional medicine soaking techniques, more than 10 kinds of dried spices, baking and 15 refined processes, with the finished product having dark red color, crispy flesh, long-lasting taste. It enjoys functions of promoting blood circulation, targeting spleen and stomach problems, and enhancing beauty. It is a kind of flavored food popular on both sides of the Yangtze River and widely used as a gift.

Where to Eat in Changde

The recommended Restaurants: 

  • Yideyi Restauratn(Jindu)(壹德壹(锦都店))
    Add: No. 166 Wuling Avenue, Wuling Distict, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区武陵大道166号)
    Tel: (0736)7261777
  • Yuanjjiang Yugang Restaurant(沅江渔港)
    Add: No. 255 Changgeng Road, Wuling District, Chande(常德市武陵区长庚路255号)
    Tel: (0736)7553777
  • Taishuang Restaurant(太爽)
    Add: No. 398 Dongting Avenue, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区洞庭大道398号)
    Tel: (0736)7176660
  • Taoyuan Local Restaurant(桃源土鸡馆)
    Add: No. 1121 Furong Road(芙蓉路1121)
    Tel: 15211212320
  • Taojie Local Restaurant(谈姐土菜馆)
    Add: No. 1077 Liuye Avenue, Nanpinggang Township(南坪岗乡柳叶大道1077号)
    Tel: (0736)7719100

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