Changde Education

At the end of 2018, there are 5 colleges and universities, 42 secondary vocational schools, 45 ordinary high schools, 232 junior high schools, 432 ordinary primary schools, and 5 special education schools in Changde City. China Dragon Tours will introduce the main schools for your reference.

Students Numbers in 2018 of Changde

  Recruit Student Internal Student
Colleges and University Students 17,000 53,000
Secondary Vocational Students 17,000 46,000
High School Students 25,000 76,000
Junior School Students 48,000 136,000
Primary School Students 54,000 305,000
Special Education Students 92 912
Kindergarten Children / 305,000

Colleges and Universities in Changde

English Name Chinese Name Address
Hunan University of Arts and Science  湖南文理学院 No. 3150 Dongting Avenue, Wuling District, Chande, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区洞庭大道3150号)
Furong College, Hunan University of Science and Arts   湖南文理学院芙蓉学院 East Qingnian Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区青年东路)
Hunan Applied Technology University  湖南应用技术学院  No. 1027 Shanjuan Road, Dingcheng District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市鼎城区善卷路1027号)

Junior Colleges in Changde

English Name Chinese Name Address
Hunan College for Preschool Education 湖南幼儿师范高等专科学校 No. 600 Gaosi Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区高泗路600号)
Changde Zhongshan Foreign College 常德中山外院 West Section of Dongting Avenue, Changde(常德市洞庭大道西段)
 Changde Financial School 常德财经学校 No. 521 Linyuan Road, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区临沅路521号)
 Changde Technician College  常德技师学院 No. 601 Gaosi Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区高泗路601)
Changde Vocational Technical College 常德职业技术学院 No. 4253 Renmin Road, Wuling District, Changde,Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区人民路4253号)
 Changde Radio and Television University 常德广播电视大学 No. 988 Furong Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区芙蓉路988号)
Hunan Golf and Tourism College 湖南高尔夫旅游职业学院 Changde, Hunan(湖南常德市)

High Schools and Middle Schools in Changde

English Name Chinese Name Address
Shanjuan Middle School  鼎城区善卷中学 Taohuayuan Road, Wuling Town, Dingcheng District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市鼎城区武陵镇桃花源路)
Jinshi No. 1 Middle School  湖南省津市市第一中学 No. 738 Mengjiangnv Avenue(孟姜女大道738号)
Changde No. 2 Middle School  常德市第二中学 No. 650 Wangjiang Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区望江路650号)
Li County No. 2 Middle School  湖南澧县第二中学 No. 1158 Yiwu Road(翊武路1158号)
Zoushi Middle School  陬市中学 Guihua Road, Zoushi Town, Taoyuan County, Changde(常德市桃源县陬市镇桂花路)
Guanxi Middle School 灌溪中学 No. 166 Puzhen Street, Guanxi Town(灌溪镇浦镇街166号)
Li County No. 1 Middle School 湖南省澧县第一中学 No. 66 Erpailou Alley, Liyang Town, Li County, Changde(常德市澧县澧阳镇二牌楼巷66号)
Zhangjiang Middle School 漳江中学 No. 28 South Zhangjiang Road, Taoyuan County(桃源县漳江南路28号)
Nanping Middle School 南坪中学 No. 420 Xinhe Road(新河路420)
Changde No. 5 Middle School 常德市第五中学 No. 2666 Renmin Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德武陵区人民路2666号)
Huanyang Middle School 淮阳中学 No. 120 Taohuayuan Road, Wuling Town, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区武陵镇桃花源路120号)
Choukouzhou Middle School 出口洲中学 No. 026 County Highway, Anfeng Township(安丰乡026县道)
Huangzhuzhou Middle School 黄珠洲中学 Huangzhuzhou Township, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区西湖镇)

Primary Schools and Kindergartens in Changde

English Name Chinese Name Address
Zoushi Primary School 桃源县陬市小学 Renmin Road, Zoushi Town, Taoyuan County(桃源县陬市镇人民路)
Beizhengjie Primary School 北正街小学 No. 300 Langzhou Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区朗州路300号)
Yuying Primary School(Dejingyuan) 育英小学(德景园校区) Dejingyuan, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区德景园)
Huachuanmiao Primary School 花船庙小学 No. 85 Shanchi Road, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区善池路85号)
Linli No. 2 Primary School 临澧县第二完全小学 No. 233 Yumin Road, Li County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市临澧县裕民路233)
Li County No. 1 Primary School 澧县第一完全小学 No. 118 Wenhua Street(文化街118)
Ziling Primary School  紫菱小学 No. 103 Xinhe Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区新河路103号)
Sanchalu Primary School  三岔路小学 No. 83 Changyuan Road(长源路83号)
Jiangnan Primary School  江南小学 Southwest corner of the Junction of Huaxi Road and Xizhan Road, Dingcheng District(鼎城区花溪路与西站路交汇处西南角)
Yanjiagang Primary School 严家岗小学 No. 482 Jianxin Road, Dingcheng District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市鼎城区建新路482)
Wenxing Primary School 桃源县文星小学 Building 17 of Hehua Yard, Taoyuan County, Changde(常德市桃源县荷花庭院17栋)
Ziqiao Primary School 紫桥小学 No.13 Haoyuan Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区豪园路13号)
Xinhe Primary School 新河完全小学 No. 5 Xinhe Group, Li County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市澧县新河五组)
Lianhua Primary School 莲花小学 Room  301 of No. 10 Building, Tianchenghuayuan Community, Taoyuan County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市桃源县天成花园10栋301)
Yucai Primary School 育才小学 No. 511 Hongmiao Street, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区红庙街511号)
Central Kindergarten 常德市武陵区中心幼儿园 No. 81 Chengmenkou Road, Fuping Subdistrict, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区府坪街道城门口路81号)
Dadi Kindergarten 大地幼稚园 No. 108 North Area, Hongsheng Villa Community(鸿升别墅小区北区108号)
Shijichengbao Kindergarten 世纪城堡幼儿园 No. 465 Yangming Road, Dingcheng District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市鼎城区阳明路465号)
Liuhe Kindergarten 柳荷幼稚园 Liiuhe Xinyuan Community(柳荷鑫苑小区)
Boya Experimental Kindergarten 博雅实验幼稚园 The opposite of Zhefeng Mingdi Community, No. 88 Dean Road, Wuling Town(武陵镇德安路88号浙风名邸小区对面)
Baimayuan Kindergarten  白马苑幼儿园 Shagang Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区沙港路)
Xiaohongmao Kindergarten(Dahu Road) 小红帽幼儿园(大湖路) No. 655 Dahu Road, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区大湖路655号)
Ziwei International Kindergarten 紫薇国际幼儿园 Phase II of Ziwei Jiayuan, Dean Road, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区德安路紫薇佳园二期小区)
Ziqiao Kindergarten 紫桥幼儿园 No. 45 North Ziqiao Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区紫桥北路45号)
Xicheng Shuilian Kindergarten 西城水恋幼稚园 No. 88 Changli Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区常澧路88)
Zilan Kindergarten 紫兰幼儿园 West 100 meters of Langzhou Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区朗州路西100米)
 No. 1 Kindergarten 第一幼儿园 No. 32 Baisheng Alley(百胜巷32号)

If you want to know the detailed information of education condition in other places of Hunan, please click the links in the following, which include the the detailed information about the kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, colleges, universities, and so on.

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