Changde Accommodation

As a tourist city, Changde has enough big hotels and small hotels. Here we have selected several hotels for you based on good service and the best location. Since each hotel offers a comfortable environment and reasonable prices, any choice you make is worth it. China Dragon Tours will always find the most suitable hotels for you.

Where to Stay in Changde

Recommended Deluxe Hotels:

  • Changde Huaerfu Hotel(常德华尔夫酒店)
    Add: East Section of Liuye Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区柳叶大道东段)
  • Zeyun Hotel(泽云酒店)
    Add: The opposite of Changde Railway Station, Changde Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区常德大道常德火车站对面)
    Tel: (0736)7833333
  • Changde Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel(常德柳园锦江酒店)
    Add: No. 198 Quanshui Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区泉水路198号)
    Tel: (0736)7128888
  • Ruigao Hotel(瑞高酒店)
    Add: No. 88 South Yunda Road, Li County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市澧县运达南路88号))
    Tel: (0736)3888888
  • Gonghe Hotel(共和酒店)
    Add: Liuye Lake Resort Area, No. 88 Huanhu Road, East Section of Liuye Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区柳叶大道东段环湖路88号柳叶湖旅游度假区)
    Tel: (0736)7138888
  • Sheraton Hotel(常德武陵天济喜来登酒店)
    Add: No. 899 Zaoguo Road, Wuling District(武陵区皂果路899号)
    Tel: (0736)7888888
  • Huabang International Grand Hotel(华邦国际大酒店)
    Add: Junction of Taohuayuan Road and Huaxi Road, Dingcheng District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市鼎城区桃花源路与花溪路交汇处)
    Tel: (0736)2758888

Recommended Comfortable Hotels:

  • Changde Yuanguan Hotel(常德远观酒店)
    Add: Southwest corner of the Junction of Jinxia Road and Yangming Road, Dingcheng District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市鼎城区金霞路与阳明路交叉口西南角)
    Tel: (0736)2988188
  • Yujingyuan Grand Hotel(御景园大酒店)
    Add: West Jianshe Road, Taoyuan County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市桃源县建设西路)
  • Vienna Hotel(Wuling Avenue)(维也纳酒店(湖南常德武陵大道店))
    Add: No. 188 Wuling Avenue, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区武陵大道188号)
    Tel: (0736)7121888
  • Tuscany Grand Hotel(托斯卡纳大酒店)
    Add: No. 2689 Changde Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区常德大道2689号)
    Tel: (0736)7833158/(0736)7833188/(0736)7155555
  • Fengtian Grand Hotel(凤天大酒店)
    Add: Changde Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区常德大道)
    Tel: (0736)7265555,(0736)7937777
  • Vienna Hotel(Dingcheng)(维也纳酒店(湖南常德鼎城店))
    Add: No. 1 Waitan, Jinxia Avenue, Dingcheng District, Changde(常德市鼎城区金霞大道外滩一号)
    Tel: (0736)7298888
  • Dingxi Wanhe Grand Hotel(常德市鼎喜万和大酒店)
    Add: No. 3008 Dongting Avenue(洞庭大道3008号)
    Tel: (0736)2699999
  • West Lake Holiday Hotel(西湖假日酒店)
    Add: No. 1 Wanjin Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区万金路1号)
    Tel: (0736)7173888
  • Shanjuan Senlin Hotel(善卷森林酒店)
    Add: Shanjuan Road, Deshan Economic Development Zone, Wuling District, Changde(常德武陵区德山经济开发区善卷路)
    Tel: (0736)7705888
  • Hengwei Huatian Grand Hotel(恒威华天大酒店)
    Add: No. 1 Linfeng Road(临烽路1号)
    Tel: (0736)5788888
  • Changde Chang'an Hotel(常德常安酒店)
    Add: No. 12 Chongde Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德武陵区崇德路12号)
    Tel: (0736)7815888
  • Changying International Grand Hotel(长鹰国际大酒店)
    Add: No. 19 Building, Business Pedestrian Street, Hong Kong Road(香港路商务步行街19栋)
    Tel: (0736)4338888
  • Lifeng Hotel(Changde Railway Station)(丽枫酒店(常德火车站店))
    Add: No. 1 Building of Huanle City, No. 998 Wuling Avenue, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区武陵大道998号欢乐城1栋)
    Tel: (0736)7918333
  • Yunding Grand Hotel(常德市汉寿县云鼎大酒店)
    Add: No. 153 Middle Furong Road, Longyang Town, Hanshou County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市汉寿县龙阳镇芙蓉中路153号)
    Tel: (0736)2020999
  • Xingxiangyuan International Grand Hotel(星香源国际大酒店)
    Add: No. 897 Lizhou Avenue, Li County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市澧县澧州大道897号)
    Tel: (0736)3266999
  • Xixili Garden Hotel(西西里花园酒店)
    Add: West Furong Road, Hanshou County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市汉寿县芙蓉西路)
    Tel: (0736)2858888
  • Dehua Hotel(德华宾馆)
    Add: No. 117 Dongting Avenue, Changde(常德市洞庭大道117号)
    Tel: (0736)7766188
  • Xilaifu Grand Hotel(喜来福大酒店)
    Add: No. 206 of Floor 2, Building 4 of Dongfang Shijia, Xinchang Community, Yongxing Subdistrict, Shimen County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市石门县永兴街道新厂社区永兴大道东方世家4栋2层206号)
    Tel: (0736)5328288

Recommended Budget Hotels:

  • Jiahe Grand Hotel(佳和大酒店)
    Add: No. 1830 Changde Avenue, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区常德大道1830号)
    Tel: (0736)2566666
  • Changde Xiangrui Grand Hotel(常德祥瑞大酒店)
    Add: No. 3038 Liuye Avenue, Wuling District, Changde City, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区柳叶大道3038)
    Tel: (0736)7886888
  • Dehai Grand Hotel(德海大酒店)
    Add: No. 32 Shanjuan Road, Wuling Town(武陵镇善卷路32号)
    Tel: (0736)7388498
  • Zidong Grand Hotel(紫东大酒店)
    Add: No. 3018 Changde Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区常德大道3018号)
    Tel: (0736)7808888
  • Kaile Grand Hotel(凯乐大酒店)
    Add: No. 18 Shenliu Avenue, Anxiang County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市安乡县深柳大道18号)
    Tel: (0736)4733888
  • Changde Tianji Grand Hotel(常德天吉大酒店)
    Add: No. 1588 Zaoguo Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区皂果路1588号)
    Tel: (0736)7086888
  • Yuxi Grand Hotel(玉玺大酒店)
    Add:No. 3159 Changde Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区常德大道3159号)
    Tel: (0736)2980223
  • Taohua Yuanli Grand Hotel(桃花源里大酒店)
    Add: No. 659 Binhu Road, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区滨湖路659号)
    Tel: (0736)2552666
  • Changde Huadu Grand Hotel(常德华都大酒店)
    Add: Northwest 50 meters of the Junction of Renmin Road and Guangming Alley, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区人民路与光明巷交叉口西北50米)
    Tel: (0736)7223888
  • Taohuatan Hotel(桃花滩宾馆)
    Add: No. 498 Lizhou Road, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市澧县澧州路498号)
    Tel: (0736)3220098