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Changde is a prefecture-level city in Hunan with a long history and has created a unique “Shande Culture(善德)” in Changde.The beautiful scenery attracts many people to visit Changde, so what special products are in Changde? China Dragon Tours will tell you the main local products in Changde as follows:

What to Buy in Changde

Longtan Peanut Jelly(龙潭花生软糖)

Longtan peanut jelly is a special candy in Changde, Hunan. It uses high-quality peanuts and maltose as the main materials. The peanut jelly is not sticky, and it is suitable for all ages. In addition to the original peanut jelly, there are also other tastes, such as tea, sea sedge. If you come to Changde, it is necessary to buy the peanut jelly in Mantingxiang(name of a shop).

Taoyuan Big-leaf Tea(桃源大叶茶)

Taoyuan Big-leaf Tea is a kind of famous tea in Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. It is a collective name for the tea products made from the unique tea leaves in Taoyuan County. The Taoyuan Big-leaf Tea is green with faint scent. In 1998, it won the “Hunan Provincial Famous Tea Gold Cup Gold Award” and  won the reputation of China National Geographical Indication Product in 2005.

Shimen Tea(石门茶叶)

Shimen Tea is a famous tea in Changde, Hunan Province. It has a long history and has been more than 1,700 years. Because Shimen County has a warm and humid climate, abundant rainfall and a mild geographical environment, which is very suitable for the growth of tea. The quality of Shimen Tea is good with fresh aroma.

Linli Orange(临澧杂柑)

Linyi Orange is a characteristic fruit of Linyi in Hubei Province. It was listed as a national geographical indication product in China in 2015. Linyi has four distinct seasons, short winter, abundant rain and fertile soil, which is very suitable for the growth of Linli Orange. The color of the orange produced in Linli is bright red. In addition, Linli Orange contains Vitamin C, carotene and other nutrient elements.

Wuling Wine(武陵酒)

Wuling wine is a famous wine in Changde, Hunan. It is mainly made of high-quality glutinous rice and sorghum. It is made through nine complicated cooking processes, eight fermentations and seven times of wine extraction. The color of Wuling wine is slightly yellow. It is very good to buy it for yourselves or as gifts to relatives and friends. 

Changde Spicy Salted Duck(常德酱板鸭)

Changde spicy salted duck is a special food of Hunan. It is made from local lean meat-type lake ducks. It is made by traditional secret processing technology and is made according to modern food standards. The spicy salted duck is unique in flavor. It can be packaged in vacuum. The shelf life can be extended for three months. It is a good gift for visiting relatives and friends, and the spicy salted fish is also very delicious.

Shimen Orange(石门柑橘)

Shimen Orange is also a major feature of Changde. Because the environment is quiet, the air is not polluted, and the lighting conditions are better, which is suitable for the growth of oranges. After eating, it will make you have a good aftertaste. Hence, it is good to buy some Shimen oranges as gifts to relatives and friends when come to Changde. 

Lixian Grape(澧县葡萄)

Grape is the specialty of Li County in Hunan Province. It is China's national geographical indication products. Li County is the pioneer which introduced high quality Eurasian grape and successfully plants it, proving wrong the concept that the Eurasian grape can’t be planted in southern China. Therefore, Li County is honored as “Turpan in Southern China”. The best quality of Li County Grapes attributes to the advanced planting technology, strict and standardized production management and the excellent ecological environment. They are much favored by customers.

Where to Buy in Changde

The recommended places to buy local products: 

  • RT-Mart(Changde)(大润发(常德店))
    Add: No. 580 Langzhou Road, Wuling District, Changde(常德市武陵区朗州路580号)
    Tel: (0736)7168512
  • Bubugao Supermarket(Wanda Plaza)(步步高超市(万达广场店))
    Add: Wanda Plaza, the Junction of Zaoguo Road and Liuye Avenue, Wuling District(武陵区皂果路与柳叶大道交汇处万达广场)
    Tel: (0736)2960669
  • China Resources Vanguard(华润万家(武陵大道店))
    Add: No. 988 Wuling Avenue, Wuling District, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市武陵区武陵大道988号)
    Tel: (0736)2950600
  • Sanlian Shopping Mall(三联购物中心)
    Add: No. 122 East Yinshui Road, Hanshou County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市汉寿县银水东路122号)
    Tel: 13875059809
  • Baijia Shopping Square(Middle Yingbin Road)(百家购物广场(迎宾中路))
    Add: No. 8 Yingbin Road, Linli County, Changde, Hunan(湖南省常德市临澧县迎宾路8号) 
    Tel: (0736)5833999

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