Changde Culture

Changde, the prefecture-level city of Hunan, is not only fascinating with local culture and human landscapes, but also its colorful ethnic customs, simple folk customs, unique regional culture, such as farming, festivals, costumes, diet and daily life, weddings and funerals, architecture, language, religious beliefs, etc. constitute a rich and colorful folk customs picture for your Changde Travel.

Ethnic Groups in Changde

Changde is a region with many ethnic groups. In addition to the Han, there are MongolHuiTibetanUygurMiaoYi,   ZhuangBouyei KoreanManchuDongYaoBaiTujiaHaniDaiWaLiSheGaoshanShuiJingpo, etc. 45 ethnic groups.

Ethnic Townships in Changde

Administrative Division Ethnic Township
Dingcheng District(鼎城区) Xujiaqiao Hui and Uyghur Ethnic Township(许家桥回族维吾尔族乡)
Hanshou County(汉寿县) Maojiatan Hui and Uyghur Ethnic Township(毛家滩回族维吾尔族乡)
Taoyuan County(桃源县) Qinglin Hui and Uyghur Ethnic Township(青林回族维吾尔族乡), Fengshu Uyghur Ethnic Township(枫树维吾尔族回族)

Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Changde

Order Number Name Sex Date of Birth Project Name Declaration Place Classification
02-0439 Li Shaoxian(李少先) Male 1934.07 Hunan-Characterized(高腔(常德高腔)) Changde, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0738 Chen Xiaohui(谌晓辉) Female 1954.07.25 Changde Silk String(常德丝弦) Changde, Hunan Chinese Folk Art Forms
02-0739 Zhu Xiaoling(朱晓玲) Female 1969.09.01 Changde Silk String(常德丝弦) Changde, Hunan Chinese Folk Art Forms
03-1123 Yang Jiane(杨建娥) Female 1945.05.06 Huagu Opera(花鼓戏) Changde, Hunan Traditional Drama
05-2445 Du Meishuang(杜美霜) Female   Huagu Opera(花鼓戏) Changde, Hunan Traditional Drama
05-2493 Li Jinchu(李金楚) Male   Gupen Song(鼓盆歌) Li County, Hunan Chinese Folk Art Forms
05-2343 Wang Yuyou(王与佑) Male   Jinghe Drama(荆河戏) Li County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0526 Zhang Youjun(张又君) Male 1938.02 Jinghe Drama(荆河戏) Li County, Hunan Traditional Drama
02-0527 Xiao Yaoting(萧耀庭) Male 1935.10.21 Jinghe Drama(荆河戏) Li County, Hunan Traditional Drama

History of Changde

Changde has a long history. So far, more than 50 sites of the Old Stone Age have been discovered. At the site of the Yaner Cave, at the Yangquan Village of Shimen County, archaeologists have discovered the fossils of the right femur, molar and metatarsal bones of ancient people named the People of Shimen. Over 540 sites of the New Stone Age have been discovered here. The typical representative among them is the site of Pengtou Hill, which has a history of about 9,000 years and is named as the Culture of the Pengtou Hill. The carvings and symbols have been translated by linguists and are considered as the source of Chinese and even universal characters. 

Dining Culture of Changde

Hunan Cuisine, known as Xiang Cuisine, as one of the eight cuisines in China is characterized by plenty of oil and gorgeous outlook. Chefs in Hunan province are adept at making spicy and hot dishes, dried meat, and pickles. Some renowned Hunan cuisine dishes in Changde are spicy chicken and sesame crisp duck. In the meanwhile, its snacks are as famous as the cuisine. Not only are they countless in number, but also unique in flavor.