Jimunai Border-Port in Xinjiang

Jimunai Border Port is located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, serving as an important gateway on the border with Kazakhstan. Here’s an overview of Jimunai Border Port:

Location and Geography:
Jimunai Border Port is situated in Jimunai County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It lies on the border with Kazakhstan, specifically in the Altay Mountains region. The geographical coordinates are approximately east longitude 87°36′ and north latitude 47°19′.

Function and Importance:
As an international border crossing, Jimunai Border Port plays a crucial role in facilitating trade, transportation, and travel exchanges between China and Kazakhstan. It serves as a key point for economic cooperation and regional connectivity, supporting the movement of goods, people, and vehicles across the border.

Infrastructure and Facilities:
Jimunai Border Port is equipped with customs, immigration, and quarantine facilities to facilitate efficient clearance procedures for travelers and cargo. These facilities comply with national regulations and standards, ensuring smooth operations for cross-border trade and travel.

Transportation Access:
Access to Jimunai Border Port is primarily via road, making it accessible for cargo transport, passenger vehicles, and other forms of transportation between China and Kazakhstan. It is strategically located to facilitate trade routes and logistical connections within the region.

Natural and Cultural Significance:
Surrounded by the scenic Altay Mountains and diverse landscapes of Xinjiang, Jimunai Border Port offers unique natural beauty. It also serves as a cultural exchange point between China and Kazakhstan, providing opportunities for visitors to experience local cultures, traditions, and cuisines.

Border Crossing Procedures:
Travelers crossing Jimunai Border Port must comply with border crossing procedures, including possessing valid travel documents such as passports and visas required by both China and Kazakhstan. Strict border controls are in place to manage the transit of individuals and goods, ensuring security and regulatory compliance.

Jimunai Border Port is located in Jimunai County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It serves as a road border crossing with Kazakhstan, specifically neighboring East Kazakhstan Region. Here’s an overview of Jimunai Border Port:

Location and Geography: Jimunai Border Port is situated in Jimunai County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It lies adjacent to East Kazakhstan Region of Kazakhstan, nestled at approximately 85°43′ east longitude and 47°33′ north latitude, with an average elevation of around 770 meters.

From Jimunai Border Port:

  • To Jimunai County: 24 kilometers
  • To Altay City: 198 kilometers
  • To Urumqi City: 650 kilometers

From Jimunai Border Port:

  • To Kazakh side (Makhambet): 0.5 kilometers
  • To Zaysan County: 60 kilometers
  • To capital of East Kazakhstan Region: approximately 500 kilometers

Function and History:

Jimunai Border Port historically served as a trade port in Xinjiang but was closed for trade and travel after 1962. In the second half of 1991, temporary cargo transit was permitted, and in August 1992, following an agreement between China and Kazakhstan, it officially reopened for the passage of people, goods, and vehicles. It was approved for permanent opening by the State Council in March 1994 and underwent national acceptance in November 1997, officially opening to traffic. In January 2002, an agreement between China and Kazakhstan allowed Jimunai Border Port to open to people, goods, and vehicles from third countries.

Infrastructure and Trade:

Currently, Provincial Road 315 extends to Jimunai Border Port, facilitating access from various directions. With well-developed infrastructure and efficient customs clearance, Jimunai Border Port attracts numerous clients for business negotiations. In recent years, the port has seen significant trade growth, achieving a trade volume of 3.316 billion RMB last year and an expected 4 billion RMB this year from January to October.

Tourism Development:

Jimunai Border Port prioritizes investment attraction, especially focusing on outbound tourism as a breakthrough in local tourism industry development. After several consultations and field visits with tourism enterprises from East Kazakhstan, formal cooperation was reached. The signing parties included Jimunai County’s Foreign Economic and Trade Tourism Bureau and East Kazakhstan’s Oriental Tourism Company. The signing ceremony involved leaders from Jimunai Border Port, the Investment Promotion Bureau, Tourism Bureau, and Development and Reform Commission, along with leaders of East Kazakhstan’s tourism company, totaling more than 30 people.

Jimunai Border Port plays a vital role in promoting economic cooperation, facilitating trade, and enhancing regional integration between China and Kazakhstan.

Jimunai Border Port in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is integral to promoting international trade, transportation, and cultural exchange between China and Kazakhstan. It enhances economic cooperation and regional integration, contributing to the development and prosperity of the border area and beyond.