Hekou Border Port in Yunnan

Hekou Border Port (河口边境口岸) is a key international border crossing between China and Vietnam, located in Hekou Yao Autonomous County (河口瑶族自治县), Yunnan Province, China. Here’s an overview of Hekou Border Port and its significance:

Location and Overview

  1. Location: Hekou Border Port is situated in Hekou Yao Autonomous County, which is in the southern part of Yunnan Province, adjacent to Lao Cai Province in northern Vietnam. The county is approximately 500 kilometers southwest of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province.
  2. Function: Hekou Border Port serves as a vital gateway for trade, commerce, and tourism between China and Vietnam. It facilitates the movement of goods, vehicles, and people across the international border.

Features and Facilities

  1. Customs and Immigration: The port is equipped with customs and immigration facilities on both the Chinese and Vietnamese sides. Travelers are required to pass through immigration checkpoints and adhere to customs regulations when crossing the border.
  2. Trade and Commerce: Hekou Border Port facilitates cross-border trade and economic activities between China and Vietnam. It serves as a strategic point for importing and exporting goods, particularly agricultural products, minerals, and manufactured goods.
  3. Transportation: The port is accessible by road from both Hekou Town in Yunnan Province and the adjacent Vietnamese town of Lao Cai. It is an important transportation hub for both countries, facilitating cross-border travel by road.

Cultural and Tourist Attractions

  1. Yao Ethnic Culture: Hekou Yao Autonomous County is home to the Yao ethnic minority, known for their distinctive culture, traditions, and festivals. Visitors can explore Yao villages, traditional customs, and local cuisine.
  2. Natural Scenery: The border area is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including lush mountains, rivers, and agricultural terraces. Travelers can enjoy scenic views while crossing the border or exploring the nearby countryside.

Tourism and Cross-Border Activities

  1. Tourism Exchange: Hekou Border Port supports tourism exchange between China and Vietnam, with visitors crossing for sightseeing, cultural exploration, and recreational activities in both countries.
  2. Border Crossing Procedures: Travelers crossing the border are required to present valid travel documents, such as passports and visas (if applicable), and may undergo customs inspections as per respective regulations.


Hekou Border Port in Yunnan Province plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade, tourism, and cultural exchange between China and Vietnam. It serves as a gateway connecting the two countries, promoting economic cooperation and enhancing regional connectivity in Southeast Asia.