Daluo Border Port in Yunnan

Daluo Port is an important border tourism and trade port in Yunnan Province, China. Since its establishment as a provincial port in 1991, with the support and attention of relevant departments at the provincial and prefectural levels, the construction of the port has made some progress, and the infrastructure of the port has gradually improved. The Provincial Planning and Design Institute revised the overall plan for the construction of Daluo Town in 2001 and 2009, formulating the “Long-term Urban Construction Overall Plan for Daluo Town (2000-2020)” and the “National Daluo Port Economic Zone Overall Plan (2009-2021)”, striving to scientifically and reasonably develop Daluo into a border port town with a reasonable layout, complete functions, and facilities, integrating border trade and tourism, and with distinctive ethnic characteristics.

Location Introduction: Daluo Port is located in the southwest of Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, bordering Myanmar. It is 80 kilometers away from Jingdong in Myanmar and only 239 kilometers away from Muse, Thailand. It is also 550 kilometers away from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and 1250 kilometers away from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The geographical advantages of the port area are obvious.

Against the backdrop of global economic integration, vigorously developing port economy, expanding foreign trade scale, and developing an export-oriented economy have become the consensus of leaders at all levels. The state and county finances have allocated huge funds to build a joint inspection building for Daluo Port, customs, border defense, and inspection and quarantine, and planned to build a land freight port cargo yard and inspection facilities to provide a perfect hardware environment for Daluo Port customs clearance.

Since the establishment of the Daluo Port Management Committee, a joint meeting system has been established to jointly discuss and solve the problems encountered in the development of Daluo Port, regularly report on the progress of work, truly achieve information sharing, and promote cooperation and harmony among inspection and quarantine departments at Daluo Port.

In response to the current trend of trade and electronic network integration, Daluo Port has set up a dedicated column for Daluo Port on the “Yunnan Province Digital Village” website to provide timely information on port development, facilitating enterprises to understand relevant policies, regulations, and domestic and foreign trade dynamics at any time.

At the same time, the supporting projects such as the Daluo Port cargo yard logistics storage center, inspection facilities, and Daluo Port joint inspection building have completed the preliminary demonstration planning and construction, officially entering the implementation stage, further improving the infrastructure of Daluo Port.