Heihe National Forest Park in Zhouzhi County, Xian

Basic Introduction of Heihe National Forest Park

Shaanxi Heihe National Forest Park is located in Zhouzhi County, the headstream of Heihe River (formerly known as Mangshui), covering an area of 7462 hectares. The forest coverage rate is 94%. It is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Xi’an, located in the northern piedmont of Qinling Mountains. Heihe National Forest Park is praised worthy as the “Northern Shangri-la”. The park land embraces unique natural scenery, human landscape and abundant resources of wild animals and plants. The beautiful scenery in a peaceful environment brings one close to nature. There are more than 100 scenic spots distributed in four main scenic zones. 

Species in the Heihe National Forest Park

The park is left undisturbed. When wandering in Heihe National Forest Park, your eyes will feast upon many wonders. There are many rare animals, plants and dense primordial forest. Some 248 kinds of wild animals live in the forest, among which are the giant pandas, takins golden monkeys,  and forest musk deer. And also there are about 1,700 kinds of plants. Primordial forest runs on both sides of the serpentine riverway. The trees are mainly Chinese pines, oaks, lindens and white birches. Among them, the Yulan Tree,Lixian Tree and Tiejia Tree are all ancient rare species as old as 800 years. 

Features of Heihe National Forest Park

  • National Forest Park
  • Northern Shangri-la
  • Giant pandas, golden monkeys, takins and other rare wild animals around.
  • In spring, the flowers are in full bloom; in summer, the trees cover the sun; in autumn, the mountains are covered with red leaves; in winter, the snow gleams white. (春之山花烂漫,夏之密林蔽日、秋之红叶满山,冬之白雪皑皑)

Main Scenic Spots in Heihe National Forest Park

Diaoyutai (fishing platform)

Legend has it that it was a place for Jiang Ziya to rest and fish along the Black River after he became the god of Taibai mountain. The Black River runs down from both sides of the diaoyutai. The trees towering and stone upright here, it is a good place for the summer.


According to legend, liu xiu, Guangwu Emperor of Han fled from Guanzhong to Hanzhong, passing by YinJiaPing, Being chased by Wang Mang’s soldiers, he felt very hungry and distressed. Fortunately, he got the help of a local village maid and escaped from the pursuit. Later,Liu Xiu defeated Wang Mang and proclaimed himself emperor. Never forgetting the old grace, he married the village girl who had been the empress of Yin.
YinjiaPing now has a Empress of Yin temple, the incense constantly.

Carp Peak

Carp peak is located in the Xiaolang estuary. A granite stone is shaped like a carp, standing at the top of the sky, about 100 meters high. Peak has a guanyin temple, like suspended and built, there are twists and turns on the steep path, only one person up and down. There is a Guanyin temple at the top of the peak,as if hanging in the air, there is a winding steep path, only for one person go through. 

How to Get to Hehei National Forest Park

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By shuttle bus

from Xi’an Bus Station on Fengqing Road to Zhouzhi County Bus Station: approximately 2~2.5 hours. Then transfer to the regular bus from Zhouzhi County to Houzhenzi(厚畛子), Banfangzi(板房子) or Damanghe(大蟒河), but get off at the Park Service Office (Shuiyuan Villa水苑山庄): approximately another 1~1.5 hours.


From Xi ‘an along Xibao expressway, to Wugong station down the expressway and go to Zhouzhi county, or along Xibao south line to Zhouzhi county. You can hire a 4-passenger car from Xi’an at the cost of about CNY 500-600 per day for a round trip.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Those who hold military certificates, soldier certificates and senior citizen’s cards and are recognized by the state and within the scope of exemption from the ticket shall be exempted from the ticket policy.
  • The scenic spot may have high-risk travel projects, you are advised to buy relevant insurance. Before you travel, it is recommended that you carefully read the contents related to travel safety.
  • It is forbidden to bring: colorful flags, gongs, drums, treble horns, fireworks, firecrackers and other inflammable and explosive goods, harmful and toxic substances, controlled knives, guns and dangerous goods stipulated by law.
  • It is forbidden to smoke or use naked flame in non-smoking places in the park.