Louguantai in Zhouzhi County, Xian

Brief Introduction

Louguantai is a famous Taoist resort in China, known as “the best place in the world”. It is located at the foot of Zhongnan Mountain in the southeast of Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province, 70 kilometers away from Xi ‘an, a famous tourist city in China. The south of Louguantai is the Qinling Mountains and the north is the Wei River.
At the foot of the Zhongnan Mountains, there are dense bamboo forests and ancient trees into the shade, known as “Dongtian Fudi”(洞天福地).

The scenic and historical sites of the Louguantai mainly include: Teaching Platform of Laozi(老子说经台), alchemy furnace(炼丹炉), lvgong Cave(吕公洞), Hua’nv Spring(化女泉), Louguan Tower, Laozi Tomb,  Zongsheng Palace and so on. Laozi, the founder of Taoism in China, wrote the immortal Daodejing on the balcony, with a total of more than 5,000 words. The natural scenery is mainly forest, here leaning on mountains and water, dense forests and bamboos, integrating nature and culture, it is the ideal place for spending summer vacation. Among them, the Laozi Tomb and Daqin Temple Tower are provincial key cultural relics protection units.

Main Scenic Spot

Louguantai National Forest Park

Louguantai National Forest Park was built in 1982. It is one of the twelve national forest parks approved by the Ministry of Forestry and the first forest park in northwest China. Laozi statue of Louguantai was designated as a national level by the Ministry of Forestry in 1992, and was rated as one of the top ten scenic spots in Xi ‘an city in 1997. The park covers 27,500 hectares. It is divided into four tourist parks, namely, Donglou Park, Xilou Park, Tanyu Park and Shouyang Mountain, with 12 scenic spots and more than 200 scenic spots.

At present, there are more than 50 scenic spots in the East Tower Park, mainly including the Bamboo Garden with the largest scale and largest variety in north China at the world’s high latitude. There are rare wild animals such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, golden antelopes and so on, which are known as national treasures. There is the oldest Taoist ancestral home in our country – Teaching Platform of Laozi, 3000 years  from now, as the birthplace of Taoism, history known as “Xiandu”.

How to Get to Louguantai in Zhouzhi County

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By Bus

  • In Xi’an city, you can take No.619, No.19, No.500, K609, Line 4(overnight) and other buses to get off at Dayan Pagoda Station. And then take Huanshan Tourism Line 1, which runs straight to Lou Guantai Scenic spot in the north square of Dayan Pagoda.The ticket price is 12 yuan, the whole process is about 2.5 hours.
  • At the foot of southwest of the city, you can travel directly from Shuisi Station (Xi’an bus Station) to Lou Guantai for about 2.5 hours.
  • You can go to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and take Xi’an Tourism Huanshan Line 1 to Huanshan Travel Line 1 bus.


  • From Xi’an city along the meridian road on the mountain road, from the mountain road all the way westward, you can directly reach the scenic spot.
  • Tumen – No. 108 National Highway – Huxian-Zhouzhi – Louguantai
  • Taibai South Road – Fengyu Road – Zhouhu Provincial Road – Louguantai