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HangzhouTransportation by Train mainly introduces the latest trains from and to Hangzhou including high speed trains and normal speed trains, and the information of the major railway stations in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou railway is quite developed so that you can take regular trains or high-speed trains to any other cities in China. There are 4 railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou East Railway Station, Hangzhou Railway Station, South Hangzhou Railway Station and Yuhang Railway Station. It is very convenient for you to take trains to nearby cities such as WuxiShanghai SuzhouYiwuJiaxing and other major cities like Xi’anBeijingKunmning  and Changsha, etc. High speed trains from Hangzhou to Hong Kong is also available.

Major Railway Stations in Hangzhou

Hangzhou East Railway Station

Located in Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District of Hangzhou, Hangzhou East Train Station (Hangzhou Dong, HangzhouDong, 杭州东站) is the most complete transport hub in Hangzhou for now. It is also one of the largest railway transport hub station in China and even in Asia.  It is about 10 kilometers from Hangzhou Railway Station, 27 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 11 km from West Lake, and 15 km from Hangzhou West Bus Station. This station only serves high speed train service to and from Hangzhou.

Add: Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District of Hangzhou (杭州市江干区天城路东段)
Tel: 0571-56727342
How to Get There: Passengers can take Hangzhou metro line 1 or metro line 4 to get to East Railway Station (metro stop: 火车东站). Besides, you can also take a public bus to Hangzhou East: Bus 9, 48, 93, 107, 108, 123, 320, 391 (in East Square), and 20, 28, 31, 33, 43, 105, 106, etc (in West Square).

Hangzhou Railway Station

Hangzhou Railway Station (Hangzhou, 杭州站) sometimes called Chengzhan by the locals, is another train station serving Hangzhou, which is located in Shangcheng District of Hangzhou (杭州市上城区). It is about 28 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Internatioanl Airport, 4km from West Lake, 11.4 km from Hangzhou West Bus Station. Most of the trains operating in and out of Hangzhou Railway Station are the K, Z, T type regular trains as well as a few D and G type high speed trains.

Add: No. 1 East Huancheng Road, Shancheng District, Hangzhou(杭州市上城区环城东路1号)
Tel: 0571-87829983
How to Get There: Hangzhou Railway Station can be reached by Hangzhou metro line 1 or metro line 5 (under construction). Just take the line 1 or line 5 and get off at Chengzhan metro stop (城站).

Yuhang Railway Station

Yuhang Station is located in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City. The design of this railway station makes the best of Liangzhu culture to build a “Jade Song City”. It forms a synthesis that combines high-speed train, subway, and property. Also, it integrates business, working, residence, tourism and other functions in one. It operates a small number of high-speed trains to Shanghai.

Add: Yingbin Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou(杭州市余杭区迎宾路)
Tel:  0571-56735810
How to Get There: Although it is relatively remote from the urban area, the Metro Line 1 is available for getting there.

Hangzhou South Railway Station

It’s still under construction being planned to be a special grade railway station. The station closed for renovation work on July 1, 2013 when Hangzhou East railway station opened. It is scheduled to reopen in late 2019 along with the newly-built Metro Line 5 which connects the railway station with Xiaoshan District, downtown, northern and western Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Trains

Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedules of Hangzhou

Fro – to Price Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Hangzhou East to Shanghai Hongqiao 56-73 1h 118 D,G
Hangzhou East to Suzhou 110 1h45 25 D,G
Hangzhou East to Beijing South 538.5 5.5-6h 14 G
Hangzhou East to Nanjing South 117.5 1h45 99 D,G
Hangzhou East to Huangshan North 231 3-3.5h 2 G
Hangzhou East to Guangzhou South 720 6-7.5h 5 G
Hangzhou East to Shenzhen North 512 10.5h 7 D
Hangzhou East to Yiwu 50 30-40m 91 D,G
Hangzhou East toJiashan South 42 30-50m 28 D,G

Normal Train Schedules of Hangzhou

To Trains Duration Ticket Fare (CNY)
Soft Sleeper/ Hard Sleeper
Shanghai South
K526, K528, K1372, K80…
42 departures from 02:11 to 21:57
1h41m – 3h4m CNY 153.5/ 82.5
USD 22/ 12
K102 at 19:22 20h21m CNY 549.5/ 343.5
USD 79/ 49
K308, T112, K606, K594…
8 departures from 02:27 to 21:47
18h46m – 21h58m CNY 509.5/ 317.5
USD 73/ 45
K348, K526, K528, T112…
15 departures from 01:52 to 20:25
5h9m – 8h4m CNY 211.5/ 117.5
USD 30/ 17
K308, T112, K594, K1040 from 02:27 to 16:06 26h29m – 30h29m CNY 674/ 428
USD 96/ 61
K529, K351 at 12:27 and 18:17 33h4m – 34h31m CNY 734/ 467
USD 105/ 67
Chongqing North
K71 at 16:46 26h9m CNY 643/ 407
USD 92/ 58
K833, K1271, K111, K79…
6 departures from 09:40 to 21:54
24h35m – 25h32m CNY 617/ 388
USD 88/ 55
Shijiazhuang North
K1806, K1264, K892, K1396 from 11:34 to 21:54 17h17m – 21h20m CNY 495.5/ 307.5
USD 71/ 44
K1806, K892, K1396 from 11:34 to 21:54 19h45m – 23h49m CNY 560/ 351
USD 80/ 50
K552 at 20:12 35h56m CNY 792.5/ 506.5
USD 113/ 72
K1209 at 13:15 21h38m CNY 405.5/ 247.5
USD 58/ 35
T169, K209, K527, K511 from 12:46 to 21:40 16h32m – 21h3m CNY 564.5/ 317.5
USD 81/ 45
K8499, K1039, K8563, K1437…
11 departures from 03:11 to 14:00
2h13m – 3h56m CNY 153.5/ 82.5
USD 22/ 12

The above information is only for reference, and the actual schedules shall be subject to the 12306.cn. 

Popular Trains from Hangzhou to Nearyby Cities

Hangzhou to Shanghai Bullet Train ( 130 daily) 
Trains From – To Dept – Arri Duration Biz Cls  1st Cls 2nd Cls
G7556 Hangzhou East to Shanghai Hongqiao 06:50-08:03 1h13 219.5 117 73
G7358 Hangzhou to Shanghai 06:10-07:36 1h26 278.5 147.5 92.3
G7320 Hangzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao 07:58-09:10 1h12 233.5 123.5 77.5


Hangzhou to Suzhou Bullet Train (26 daily) 
Trains From – To Dept – Arri Duration Biz Cls  1st Cls 2nd Cls
G1866 Hangzhou East to Suzhou North 07:38-09:17 1h39 337 179.5 110
G7372 Hangzhou East to Suzhou 08:18-10:06 1h48 341.5 178.5 111.5
G7354 Hangzhou to Suzhou 10:11-12:00 1h49 355.5 183.5 117.5


Hangzhou to Nanjing Bullet Trains ( 101 daily) 
Trains From – To Dept – Arri Duration Biz Cls  1st Cls 2nd Cls
G7564 Hangzhou East to Nanjing South 08:34-11:43 3h09 671.5 345.5 216
G1882 Hangzhou East to Nanjing South 08:24-10:22 1h58 371 198 117.5
G7394 Hangzhou to Nanjing South 19:55-21:44 1h49 375.5 200.5 119


Hangzhou to Yiwu Bullet Trains ( 92 daily) 
Trains From – To Dept – Arri Duration Biz Cls  1st Cls 2nd Cls
G1371 Hangzhou East to Yiwu 08:25-08:57 31m 158 84.5 50
D5585 Hangzhou East to Yiwu 10:13-10:52 39m 54 33.5
Yiwu to Hangzhou high speed trains (100 daily)
G46 Yiwu to Hangzhou East 09:05-09:45 40m 158 84.5 50
D82 Yiwu to Hangzhou East 14:11-14:49 38m 54 33.5

Hangzhou Trains

Hangzhou High-speed Trains to

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