Genyen Holy Mountain in Litang County, Garze

The Genyen Massif ( literally: “Genie Peak”), is a mountain in the Shaluli Mountains of southwestern China. With an elevation of 6,204 metres (20,354 ft), it is the third highest peak in Sichuan. The Ge’nyen massif is regarded as the 13th most holy mountain among the 24 holy mountains of Tibetan Buddhism.


The Genyen massif is regarded as the 13th most holy mountain among the 24 holy mountains of Tibetan Buddhism.


Genyen Massif Mountain in the middle of Shaluli Mountain, the southern tip of Haizishan and the Ququ River in Litang Plateau in western Sichuan Province, it is the main peak of Shaluli Mountain.,Litang,Sichuan, China.


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Independent travel

For Independent travelers you can take a bus from Chengdu along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway westbound, via Kangding, Yajiang, Litang to Reke Town.


Genyen Scenic Area

Genyen Scenic Area is located in Kangnan County Rekexiang,covering an area of ​​nearly 500 square kilometers , with Genyen Massif Mountain as the center, surrounded by peaks, virgin forests, grasslands, lakes, hot springs, temples. Genyen Scenic Area is 3700 meters above sea level;reke Township, 3780 meters above sea level; cold Valley Temple(Lenggusi) 4150 meters above sea level,

Blacksmith Mountain

“Blacksmith Mountain” is 4770 meters above sea level. Scenic spots with characteristics of mysterious, rare,grand and elegant, the main peak of Genyen Massif Mountain is covered with snow all year round, glittering in the sunshine in sunny day.


In 1988, the first recorded ascent of the Genyen Massif was made by a Japanese team. They were followed by an Italian group who used an new route on the east face. In autumn 2006, Christine Boskoff (of Mountain Madness adventure company) and Charlie Fowler, another well-known American climber and Mountain Madness guide, went missing near Ge’nyen and it was later determined that they died in an avalanche while climbing near Lenggu Monastery on Ge’nyen Mountain in Sichuan Province in southwest China.

Recommended Visiting Route

D1: Chengdu – Yajiang


Depart in the morning–Chengya Expressway–Along the beautiful Qingyi River–Drive through the Erlang Mountain Tunnel, the longest road tunnel in the country–Arrives at the Dadu River (the deepest and deepest canyon in western Sichuan) –LuDingqiao–Pass love song hometown Kangding ancient city—Cross Zheduo Mountainover (4298 meters above sea level )– to “photographer paradise” – Xinduqiao, –continue to move over the Scissors Bend Hill– arrived in Yajiang.
Total distance about 625 km, 12 hours

D2: Yajiang – Litang – Lamaya – Zhangna Township

Chinese:雅江— 理塘— 喇嘛垭—章纳乡

Starting at 6:30 in the morning–Drive over the Scissors Bend mountain ( 4659 meters) and the Kazala Mountain( 4718 meters above sea level) , –Drive 145 kilometers, arrived at Litang around 12:00–Eat lunch–Transfer to the local Jeep SUV, drive cross Haizi–Pass over the Blacksmith Mountain Pass (4770 meters above sea level)-Coming down the valley(the road bumps beyond your imagination), during the way can enjoy the blacksmith boulders, rocks and beautiful Haizi ,excited for the first time overlook Genyen Massif Mountain– around 5 pm to reach Lamaya (enjoying the quiet village in the twilight at Lamaya),– Zhangna Township

D3: Zhangna Township– Tiger Skin Dam–Gecaiqinduo Dam


This tour takes about 10 hours–Hiking along the Geothermal Valley(Rediqu Valley热地曲河谷)to enjoy the beautiful scenery–Tiger Skin Dam, as colorful as as the tige– Geqinduo Dam, This is a flat land between the peaks of Genyen Massif Mountain and the peak of Xiao Zha(肖扎).At here, you can have a close look at Cold Valley Temple.

Camp at Geqinduocai Dam格猜钦多坝

D4: Geqinduocai Dam – Cold Valley Temple – Return to the Naiganduo village


D5: Nakamura – pull in Pass – Lamaya – Litang


Start today’s trip at 6:40 — Hiking an hour– three huge snow-capped mountains abruptly appear on the horizon Genyen Massif Mountain, Xiaozha(肖扎)mountain,Camailong(喀麦隆)—Zetong village则通村—Yilaka伊拉卡—Lamaya—Come back to Litang–Spa

D6: Litang – Danba


Visit the famous Changqingchunkeer Temple长青春科尔寺–the tower grassland塔公草原– the East Valley natural miniascape scenic area东谷天然盆景风景区– Yala snow Mount亚拉雪山,with intoxicating natural scenery– Tibetan stupa藏族碉楼 — Dadu River大渡河– Danba

D7: Danba – Xiao Jin – Wolong – Chengdu


Drive along the Xiaojinriver小金河—Jiajin mountain夹金山– Xiaojin county—Sigunian mountain四姑娘山—Wolong– Chengdu


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Nearby Attractions

Huanglong National Scenic Reserve-known as the ‘World Wonder’ and ‘Fairy Land on Earth’, and it’s famous for colorful lakes, snow clad mountains, valleys and virgin forest.

Useful Travel Tips

  • The scenic area is 3700 meters above sea level, Reke Township热柯乡 3780 meters above sea level, Cold Valley Temple冷谷寺 4150 meters above sea level, “Blacksmith Mountain”铁匠山Pass 4770 meters above sea level. Please check your health condition, then decide whether to participate.
  • During night time the temperature may be lower than minus zero. Please pay attention to carrying warm clothes and choose the sleeping bag with -10 ℃ temperature scale. At Highland the ultraviolet light is very strong, please prepare sunscreen.
  • Lama Pass 喇嘛垭 to Cold Valley Temple冷谷寺 cell phone has no signal
  • Please bring high-calorie foods to supplement physical strength. Chocolate, compressed biscuits, vitamins, etc. can be properly prepared.
  • Photographer please bring enough battery and memory card