Five Dragon Pool in Jinan

Why is Five Dragon Pool So Special?

The Five Dragon Pool is a culturally significant pond fed by artesian karst springs in the city of Jinan. It is one of the best known springs among the 72 famous springs of Jinan. The Five Dragon Pool (Wulongtan), also known as Longju spring and Huiwan spring, is located in Wulongtan park. The pond is 70m long, 35m wide and more than 6m deep. It is the deepest spring in Jinan.

Where is Five Dragon Pool?

Five Dragon Pool is located at Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. The address of the pool is No.18, Lanshi street, Baotuquan North Road, Lixia District, Jinan.

How to Get to Five Dragon Pool?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Bus: Take bus No. 5, K59, 55, 101, 103,104 to get to Wulongtan Park.

Main Attractions in Five Dragon Pool

Five dragon Pool

Five dragon Pool(Wulongtan), about the name: It is said that in the past, Wulongtan was very mysterious. When there was a severe drought, praying for rain at the edge of the pool would get rid of the drought. Therefore, in the early Yuan Dynasty, a temple was built beside the pond, and the statues of five dragon gods were built inside, hence the pound was later called the five dragon pond.

Ancient Hot Spring

The ancient hot spring is located in the southeast of Wulongtan, named for its high temperature and long history. Even in the winter, when there is heavy snow, the spring is still hot.

Tianjing Pool

Tianjing Pool is located in the south of Wulongtan. It is named for its clear and bright water which reflects the sun and moon. Tianjing Pool is the second largest pool in Wulongtan pool group.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Since September 29, 2019, Wulongtan scenic spot, the first spring scenic spot in the world, is open for free.
  2. Five Dragon Pool is not far from Baotu Spring, you can travel both the spring in one day.

Nearby Attractions

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