Dragon Pavilion Park in Kaifeng

Why is Dragon Pavilion Park So Special?

Dragon Pavilion Park was first the former mansion of a mission of the Tang Dynasty. Later it turned into an imperial palace. In the Song Dynasty, an imperial court including imperial palace was built here and called royal residence. Owing to the overrun of the Yellow River, all the buildings constructed in the previous historical periods were underwater. In 1734 in the Qing Dynasty, provincial governor Wang Shijun built the large-scale Longevity Palace here. The park covers an area of about 83 hectares, being the largest tourist area in Kaifeng.

Where is Dragon Pavilion Park?

Dragon Pavilion Park is located at Zhongshan Lu Beiduan, Long Ting District, Kaifeng City. Here is the address in Chinese for a driver. 龙亭公园, 河南省开封市龙亭区中山路北段. And the park is about 7 km from Kaifeng Railway Station.

How to Get There?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

You may take Bus Route 1, 15, 20, 30 and get off at Dragon Pavilion Station (龙亭站), then walk to the park.

Main Attractions in Dragon Pavilion Park

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is behind the Dragon Pavilion, it covers an area of 7.8 acres, with juniper, Platycladus Orientalis, along with a lot of other plants and animals. They’re also plant’s formed like planes, trains, journey to the west, dragons, Chinese zodiac animals (all twelve of them), and many other things. Let’s face it who doesn’t want to kiss a dragon or tickle a monkey’s chin, when you’re in the botanical garden take some fun photos.

Longting Hall

The Longting Hall is the main building among the building complex in Qing Dynasty style in the park. It is built on a 72-step platform. It faces south. There is a stone imperial road leading to the hall, which is carved large dragons. And there are pavements for ordinary people alongside the imperial road in the east and the west. Longting Hall is 26.7 high, 19.10 meters long from the east to the west, and 11.9 meters wide from the south to the north. Meridian Gate is the southern entrance of Longting Hall, which is a typical Qing-Style building.

Waxwork Hall

To the west of Dragon Pavilion is the Waxwork Hall (là xiàng guǎn 蜡像馆), which exhibits nine groups of vivid waxworks reflecting the important events under the rules of nine emperors of the Song Dynasty. All clothing of the historic characters, even the color and style of their hats and ribbons were carefully investigated and are historically accurate. What’s more, the sculptors display superior skills. The skin, hair and expressions of the waxworks are so vivid that they look like real persons. This hall certainly deserves a visit.

Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Show

Beginning every October 18, Kaifeng celebrates the month-long Chrysanthemum festival (jú huā jiē 菊花节) at the Dragon Pavilion Park. At that time it becomes a carnival of flowers and the best place for visitors to spend the festive season. Though it can get little chilly, it is a beautiful time to soak in the atmosphere and join in the festivities and take at the gorgeous flowers.

Useful Travel Tips:

If for no other reason, come to Kaifeng to see the chrysanthemums and to appreciate this city’s ancient flavor. The famous Chrysanthemum Exhibition is held in Kaifeng every year from October to November. This exhibition has been held for twenty-three consecutive years. As the main venue for the exhibition, the Dragon Pavilion will become a sea of colorful chrysanthemums, and the city of Kaifeng looks its very best.

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