Longjing City

Longjing is a city in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, southeastern Jilin province, Northeast China. It lies on the Tumen River opposite the North Korean city Hoeryong.

Its population is approximately 258,000. It borders Yanji and Tumen City on the northeast, Helong to the southwest, and Antu County in the southwest. The border length is 142.5 kilometres (88.5 mi).

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Administrative divisions

Longjing has two subdistricts, six towns and two townships:

  • Subdistricts
  • Anmin Subdistrict (安民街道 / 안민가도)
  • Longmen Subdistrict (龙门街道 / 룡문가도)
  • Towns
  • Chaoyangchuan (朝阳川镇 / 조양천진)
  • Dongshengyong (东盛涌镇 / 동성용진)
  • Kaishantun (开山屯镇 / 개산둔진)
  • Laotougou (老头沟镇 / 로두구진)
  • Sanhe (三合镇 / 삼합진)
  • Zhixin (智新镇 / 지신진)
  • Townships
  • Baijin Township (白金乡 / 백금향)
  • Dexin Township (德新乡 /덕신향)

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