Xining Attractions

Xining Attractions include a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Xining. All attractions picked by our seasoned travel advisors and rated by our customers. Following is the list of Top 10 Attractions in Xining by TripAdvisor.

Xining is an ancient plateau city with a history of more than 2,100 years. It is called Xiping Pavilion in ancient times. It was once the place where the post-Han general Zhao Chongguo camped out, the capital of Nanliang, the throat of Silk Road, the gateway of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Central Plains, and one of the birthplaces of Hehuang culture (河湟文化). It has been a bright "plateau pearl" since ancient times. The "Misty Rain in Beishan 北山烟雨" is the most perfect scene left over from Xining's eight ancient scenes.

Top Attractions in Xining

Though many travellers use Xining as a stopover to the Qinghai–Tibet Tours, it’s also a wonderful place to encounter the province’s varied cultures and impressive scenery. Traveling in Xining and around is all about experiencing Tibetan and Muslim culture and enjoy superb plateau landscape. The most famous and popular attractions inlcude Qinghai Lake, Taer Monastery, Dongguan Great Mosque, etc.

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Children -Friendly Attrations in Xining

Xining also has some tourist attractions suitable for family tours, besides the cultural sites and parks, museums are the top choices. Nanshan ParkXining Children ParkQinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wild Zoo, as well as the landmark Plateau Pearl Sightseeing Tower are the mostly visited sites for Xining family tours.

Temples and Monasteries in Xining

Aside from the superb plateau landscape, experiencing Tibetan and Muslim culture is another highlight of Xining travel. Temples and monasteries in Xining are the best choice for Xining Culture Tours. Taer Monastery, the most famous Tibetan monastery in Xining, is the one you shouldn't miss to visit.

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Mosques in Xining

Xining is the capital city of Northwest China’s Qinghai province where there is large population of Muslims. Historically, Xining has been one of the most important cities on the Silk Road and Muslims have been inhabited in Xining since ancient times. There are 239 mosques in Xining and its suburban area. Xining’s Muslim community is at Dongguan area with the Dongguan Great Mosque as the center. Xining Dongguan Great Mosque is the largest well-preserved mosque in Xining. It also ranks as one of the four most famous mosques in Northwest China. 

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Parks in Xining

Parks in Xining are good places to enjoy the natural scenery and famlily tours. Huangshui Forest ParkBeihai Park ,Beishan Mountain Park and Nanshan Park are places you should visit for natural landscape exploration, while Bojie Ecological ParkCultural Park and Xining Children Park are top choice for family tour.

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Museums in Xining

Museums in Xining are recommended for Xining culture tours, you will have a better and overall understanding of the culture and history of Xining, Qinghai. The highlights among them are Qinghai Province MuseumQinghai Tibetan Culture Museum and Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum

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Historical Sites in Xining

The following sites in Xining will fullfill your Xining culture tour by providing full around historical and cultural information. As an ancient plateau city with a history of more than 2,100 years, Xining has a lot to discovery concerning its history. City Wall Relics Park of Tang DynastyThe Relic of Hutai and Dange'er Ancient City, as well as the ancient temples are the places you should pay a visit to.

Landmarks in Xining

Visiting the landmarks in Xining to appreciate the architecture styles featuring both ancient constructions and modern buildings. Plateau Pearl Sightseeing TowerCentral SquareWaterwheel Plaza and Ashigong Wharf Tourist Area are recommended.

Traditional and Cultural Experience Sites in Xining

If you want to experience the traditional and folk cuture in Xining, plan you trip to the following sites. You won't be disappointed at the travel to Dayu TribeBojie Ecological Park and Huzhu Tu Nationality Native Land Park Scenic AreaSunrise View of Heima River is highly appreciated among tourists.

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