Xining Education

Xining Education and Schools introduce Xining Education tours and some information about the Kindergarten, primary schools, international schools, middle schools, colleges and universities in Xining. It helps students and teachers to design students education tours with local schools in Xining.

Basic Information of Education in 2018

As of 2018, Xining has 10 Regular Higher Education institutions, with the major ones including Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University and Qinghai University for Nationalities. Xining International Academy is an English-language international school in Xining. There are also 4 Special Education Schools in Xining, including Xining School for the Deaf and Blind

  Number of Schools Internal Students
Regular Higher Education 10 77700
Secondary Vocational School 19 32000
Ordinary Secondary School 138 125000
Special Education School 4 1092
Ordinary Primary School 141 153600
Kindergarten 569 77300

Top Universities in Xining

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel
Qinghai University 青海大学   Daxue Road, Chengbei District (青海大学路) 0971- 531 0027
Qinghai Normal University 青海师范大学 Xuefu Alley, Chengxi, Xining (城西学府巷) 0971-6318787 
Qinghai University for Nationalities 青海民族大学  No. 72, Mid Bayi Road Chengdong District(八一中路72号) 0971 - 880 2682
Kunlun College of Qinghai University 青海大学昆仑学院 No. 175, Ningzhang Road (宁张路175号) 0971-5311070
XiNing Urban Vocational & Technical College  西宁城市职业技术学院 No. 295, Ningzhang Road (城北区宁张路295号) 0971-4716800

Top Middle and High Schools in Xining

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel
Xining No.5 Middle School 西宁市第五中学 No. 43, South Street, Chengzhong District (城中区南大街43号) 0971-8246140
Xining No.4 Senior Middle School 西宁市第四高级中学 69 Tianjin Rd, Chengxi, Xining (西宁市天津路69号) 0971-4290370
Qinghai Huangchuan Middle School 青海湟川中学  Haiyan Rd, Chengxi, Xining (西区海晏路) 0971-6318636
Xining No.14 Middle School 西宁十四中 16 Wenhua St, Chengzhong, Xining (西宁市城中区文化街) 0971-8231379
Xining No.1 Middle School 西宁市第一中学  No. 1, Guanli St, Chengzhong, Xining (城中区观礼街1号) 0971- 8248624

Top Elementary Schools in Xining

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel
North Street Elementary School 西宁市北大街小学 39 North St, Chengzhong, Xining (城中区北大街39号) 0971- 8237575
Jiaxiaozhuang Elementary School 西宁市贾小庄小学 No. 5, Jiaxiaozhuang, Chengxi District (城西区贾小庄5号)  0971- 6144463
Xiaoquan Elementary School 西宁市晓泉小学 No. 29, Qiyi Road (七一路29号) 0971-8170637
Xining Xiguan Street Elementary School 西宁市西关街小学 Nanguan St, Chengzhong, Xining (城中区南关街) 0971- 8238061
Xining Yangjiazhuang Elementary School 杨家庄小学 No. 33, Delingha Road, Chengdong District (城东区德令哈路33号) 0971-8175309

Top Kindergartens in Xining

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel
Provincial Organ Kindergarten 青海省委机关幼儿园 No. 344, Qiyi Road, Chengzhong District (城中区七一路344号) 0971- 8482932
Little Red Flower Fine Arts Kindergarten 小红花艺术幼儿园  No. 197,  Delingha Road, Chengdong District (城东区德令哈路197号) 0971-8173574
Little Star Fine Arts Kindergarten 小红星艺术幼儿园 No. 4, Youshan Road , Chengzhong District (城中区南酉山路4号) 0971-6264537
Boli Preschool 博立幼儿学校  No. 21, South Street, Chengzhong District (城中区南大街21号) 0971-3585708
Blue Sky Fine Arts Kindergarten 蓝天艺术幼儿园  No. 6, East Chaoyang Road, Chengbei Districy (城北区朝阳东路6号) 0971-5512900

Students Educational Tours in Xining

Students Educational Tours in Xining will guide you to famous attractions in Xining, including mosques, museums, parks and other historical and cultural sites. Students will also have the chance visit the local family and get to know and experience the daily life of local Hui and Tibetan people.

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