Dongguan Great Mosque in Xining

Why is Dongguan Great Mosque So Special?

  1. Dongguan Mosque in Xining is one of the largest mosques in northwest China with a history more than 600 years.
  2. The Mosque is not only famous for its magnificent architecture but also as a religious education center and as the highest learning institution of Islam.

Brief Introduction of Dongguan Great Mosque

Situated in Dongguan Street, Xining, Dongguan Mosque is the biggest mosque in Qinghai Province. It was built in 1380, and now boasts a history of more than 600 years. The Mosque is not only famous for its magnificent architecture but also as a religious education center and as the highest learning institution of Islam.

History of Dongguan Great Mosque

Restored recently, it was originally built in 1380 and has colorful white arches along the outside of the wide building. It has a green and white dome and two tall minarets. Generals Ma Qi and Ma Bufang controlled the Great Dongguan Mosque when they were military governors of Qinghai.

Main Structure of Dongguan Great Mosque

With its name “Xining Dongguan Great Mosque” shining at the top of a western-style entrance, the great mosque features a magnificent islamic architecture that combines together towers, walls and a temple-like main service hall. The mosque covers an area of 13,602 square meters now, and the construction area is 4,654 square meters. These buildings have a large scale, and combine the traditional Chinese architectural art with the Islamic architectural form. With the name of the mosque written on it, the gate is 10 meters high and 15 meters wide.

In 1998, a three-story modern building was built between the gateway and the street to house the mosque administration. Visited by as many as ten thousand worshippers during each one of the Muslim holidays, the Great Mosque of Xining is still the most important mosque in Qinghai and serves as a center of religious education for the region. The mosque is not of particularly Muslim architecture, normally easily differentiated from its Buddhist counterparts, but is more in the typical Chinese folk style. Beyond the square itself, the grand Domed Hall, housing up to 10,000 Muslim worshippers at peak times, is the highest Islamic education center in the province.

Recommended Travel Routes

Best Seasons to Visit Xining

The best time to visit Xining and the surrounding areas is the period from May to September. Except the comfortable weather condition, many of the region’s colorful festivals occurs this time.

Summer in Xining is cool, with the daily average temperature lower than 17 centigrade. It is a good place to escape the unforgiving heat during summer time. The period from May to Sep. with the most weather condition is the best time to visit. High season prices do apply, however, and it’s more crowded.

Winter here is long and cold, but not freezing, with relatively little snow and rain. Spring is transient with sharp temperature swings. Autumn witness rapid temperature drops from its peak in July. Travelers and hikers are strongly advised to bring along thick overcoats in the mercurial winter months.

How to get to Dongguan Great Mosque

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Independent Traveler

1. Take Sightseeing Bus to Dongguan Qingzhen Dasi (Dongguan Mosque).
2. Take Bus 1, 2, 5, 10, 14, 17, 22, 23, 25, 26, 33, 62, 81, 83, 101, 102, 1002 or 6201 to Bei Xiao Jie Kou and you will see it.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. .Avoid visiting during school holidays and Golden Week in October as there will be large numbers of local tourists.
  2. Shopping
    There are beef jerky, cordyceps sinensis, deer antler, ginseng fruit, Xining rhubarb and so on, the handicraft is more full of beautiful things in eyes, including carpet, Tibet wool, blankets, butter sculpture, etc.
  3. With a relative high sea level, temperature differs greatly between daytime and at night. Visitors may consider bring along warm clothing even in summer time. Sun’s solar radiation in highland is strong and intense, so sunscreen, sunglasses, lip creams are needed to protect your eyes and skin.

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