Tengchong Culture

Tengchong ethnic culture is diverse and colorful. It is home to people from nearly half of China's 55 ethnic minority groups, around 46 thousand people who belong to ethnic minorities. Members of minority groups account for 7% of the total population of the city and scatter over 40% of its total living area. 

1.Ethnic Groups in Tengchong

At the end of 2012, Tengchong has 25 minorities, including Yi, Bai, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Lisu, Lahu, Wa, Naxi, Yao, Tibetan, Jingpo, Blang, Buyi, Achang, Hani, Xibe, Pumi, Mongolian, Nu, Jino, Deang, Shui, Manchu, Drung, etc. Among them, Dai, Hui, Lisu, Wa, Bai and Achang are six ethnic minorities living there generation by generation.

2. Traditional Ethnic Villages in Tengchong


Traditional Villages

Gudong Town(固东镇)

Heping Village(和平村), Shunli Village(顺利村), Dianqie Village(甸苴村), Ginkgo Village(银杏村)

Heshun Town(和顺镇)

Shuidui Village(水碓村), Dazhuang Village(大庄), Shizilu Village(十字路)

Jietou Town(界头镇)

Xinzhuang Village(新庄村), Shiqiang Village(石墙村), Datang Village(大塘社区村委会), Dayuanzi Village(大园子社区村委会), Yongan Village(永安社区村委会)

Qushi Town(曲石镇)

Jiangqie Ancient Town(江苴古村), Qingqiao Village(箐桥村)

Mingguang Town(明光镇)

Jianshanjiao Village(尖山脚村), Chashanhe Hewai Village(茶山河河外), Zhongtang Baishiyan Village(中塘社区村委会白石岩村), Zhongtang Fengshengba Village(中塘社区村委会丰盛坝村)

Diantan Town(滇滩镇)

Shuicheng Village(水城村), Qipanshi Village(棋盘石), Shaohuiba Village(烧灰坝), Hexi Village(河西社区村委会)

Tengyue Town(腾越镇)

Youdengzhuang Village(油灯庄), Dongguan Village(董官村), Dongshan Village(洞山村), Shangjiazhai Village(尚家寨), Chaoyang Village(朝阳村), Dakuanyi Village(大宽邑), Wuyi Village(吴邑村)

Houqiao Town(猴桥镇)

Ancient Village(老寨), Heinitang Village(黑泥塘村)

Zhonghe Town(中和镇)

Zhongying Village(中营村), Yanjiachong Village(闫家冲), Xinqi Village(新岐村), Minzhen Village(民振村), Fanjiaying Village(樊家营), Mengbeng Village(勐蚌村), Dacun Village(大村)

Hehua Town(荷花镇)

Xianduo Village(羡多村),Ganzhezhai Village(甘蔗寨), Langpu Village(朗蒲社区村委会), Mintuan Bapai Village(民团社区村委会坝派村), Xiaozhuang Hehuachi Village(肖庄社区村委会荷花池村)

Mangbang Town(芒棒镇)

Zhangjia Village(张家村), Laoqiaotou Qiaotou Village(老桥头社区桥头村), Dashuitang Xiazhai Village(大水塘村委会下寨)

Wuhe Township(五合乡)

Palianzhai Village(帕连寨), Yangjiazhai Village(杨家寨), Xiaodifang Village(小地方), Yuanpu Village(元甫村), Bingnongzhai Village(丙弄寨)

Mazhan Township(马站乡)

Hemu Village(和睦村), Sanlian Wanyao Village(三联社区村委会碗窑村)

Qingshui Township(清水乡)

Liangying Linjiazhai Village(良盈社区村委会蔺家寨村), Liangying Yiguan Village(良盈社区村委会镇邑关村), Sanjia Zhongzhai Village(三家村中寨)

Xinhua Township(新华乡)

Longsha Village(龙洒社区龙洒村), Xinshan Bajiao Village(新山社区坝角村)

Puchuan Township(蒲川乡)

Manduo Mandui Village(曼朵社区曼堆村)

Beihai Township(北海乡)

Hengzhai Village(横寨)

3. Ethnic Festivals in Tengchong

Tengchong is a city with a large number of ethnic groups, so there are many ethnic festivals, such as Knife-ladder-Climbing Festival of Lisu, Kuoshi Festival of Lisu, Water-splashing Festival of Dai, Torch Festival of Yi, etc.

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