Tengchong Accommodation

You have many choices of hotels in Tengchong City. Different styles of hotels are offered from luxury ones to budget ones wherever you want to stay in Tengchong. Yunnan Exploration Travel elaborately selects the following best hotels in Tengchong with good location and all-inclusive services for you.

Hotel Name




Banyan Tree Tengchong(腾冲玛御谷悦榕庄)

5 star

Mayu Valley, Beihai township, Tengchong, Baoshan


Bolian Resorts Tengchong(腾冲和顺柏联酒店)

5 star

Zhangjiapo, Heshun Town,  Tengchong, Baoshan


Huajian Meisu Qingshe Holiday Courtyard(腾冲花间美宿轻奢度假庭院)

5 star

Near Dashi Lane (Shizilu Village), Tengchong, Baoshan


Yun Shan Shui Hotel(腾冲云山水精品全景客栈)

4 star

Zhangjiapo, Heshun Town, Tengchong, Baoshan


Teng Chong He Shun Zhang Jia Da Yuan(腾冲蒲密文旅·张家大院荷畔店)

4 star

Zhangjiapo, Heshun Town, Tengchong, Baoshan


Thirty Thousand Li Lodge(和顺三万里客栈)

4 star

Shuidui Village, Heshun Town, Tengchong, Baoshan


Yonderway Hotel(腾冲云天外客栈)

3 star

Yinjia Lane, Heshun Town, Tengchong, Baoshan


Yongle Hotspring Holiday Hotel(腾冲永乐温泉度假酒店)

3 star

Yongle Village, Yongle Town, Tengchong, Baoshan


Tengchong Field Hotel(久栖·腾冲元野客栈)

3 star

Heshun Ancient Town, Tengchong, Baoshan


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