Tengchong Dining

Tengchong Food in Yunnan is unique, which is completely different from the normal flavor of Yunnan, with oil but not greasy, moderate hot and sour, sweet and refreshing. Home-cooked dishes of Tengchong are dominated with acid and spicy, and the most used condiments are sour bamboo shoot, pickles, hot pepper, etc.

What to Eat in Tengchong?

1. Dajiujia(大救驾)

DThe so-called “Rescuing the Emperor” is just the fried rice-flour slices.Tengchong rice-flour slices are delicate in taste, white in color and rhombus in shape. In addition, rice-flour slices with sour soup are tasty and refreshing, and can stimulate the appetite while being good for digestion. 


2.Tengchong Ersi(腾冲饵丝)

Tengchong Ersi is made of a special local rice named “Jiangmi”, which has nearly 400 years’ history. It’s one kind of quick served snacks universally loved both by locals or tourists abroad. There’re two cooking methods: to boil and to stir-fry. For boiling, fresh meat, meatballs, ham is added and mix with Ersi, in different soup based on different taste. For stir-frying, that is the method of Dajiujia.

Recommended restaurant: The first restaurant of the lane beside Bailian supermarket.

 Tengchong Ersi

3.Guozi(dish in earthen pot)(锅子)

If you went to a local night snacks market, you would get eyeful sight of Chinese “Guozi”, which is in fact dishes served in a earthen pot. Sauced vegetables are firstly put in the bottom, followed with crisp meet, bamboo shoots and pigskin etc. in turn. Finally put some omelettes and chopped green onion on the top as decoration.

Recommended restaurant: You can easily find restanrant of Guozi both in the new and old night markets.

Tengchong Guozi


Tounao belongs to nourished medicinal cuisine. The syrup contains three fatty pieces of mutton, a lotus root and a Chinese yam boiled in a bowl of flour paste. While eating it , throw some Chinese chives on it. Tounao looks good and tastes fresh and sticky, which can build one's body well.

Tengchong Tounao

5.Tengchong Preserved Fruits(腾冲果脯)

Tengchong preserved fruits take fruits of sub-tropical and temperate zone as their main materials, of which assorted preserved papaya candy, licorice mango and preserves are famous. You may find every kind of preserves made from fruits of sub-tropical and temperate zones and each has its own feature.

6.Xiacun Bean Flour(下村豆粉)

It tastes very good and soft. The source have soy, Chili oil, Rice vinegar with all these source. Don’t you want taste this delicious Snack?

Tengchong Xiacun Bean Flour

7. Xiacun Bean Noodles(下村豆米线)

The genuine Xiacun bean noodles are made of soya milk made of peas, which is called "Chengjiang bean noodles". The features of it are that: bright-colored, chewy, tender and fresh. Xiacun bean noodles use choice seasonings: red chili oil, white sesame oil, yellow Chinese prickly ash oil, green coriander, milky-white mashed garlic, black soybean sauce and brown vinegar... it's so colorful and the smell will strike diners' nostrils.

8.Hetu Dashao(合图大烧)

Another Baoshan traditional dish eaten together with Xiachun bean noodles, Hetu Dashao, it will be much more wonderful. Dashao is crispy outside and tender inside. The skin looks golden and bright and tastes crispy, while the meat tastes fresh and sweet. Its color, aroma and taste are incomparable than those same food cooked with other methods.

Where to Eat in Tengchong?

1. Dajiujia(大救驾)

Recommended Restaurants: Dajiujia is a common dish in Tengchong so you can easily find it in each restaurant. Restaurants recommended such as Qiaoxiangzhai, Yingwai Home Restaurant, Heshu Renjia, Jiangsao, Liuji, Tengchong Renjia etc.

2.Tengchong Ersi(腾冲饵丝)

Recommended restaurant: The first restaurant of the lane beside Bailian supermarket.

3.Guozi(dish in earthen pot)(锅子)

Recommended restaurant: You can easily find restaurants for Guozi both in the new and old night markets.

More information please refer to our Tengchong Restaurants below.

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