Tai'an China Tours

As a famous a scenic-tourist city, Tai’an provides tourists with a lot of scenic spots and historical sites which they could visit. When tourists arrive in Tai’an and have a rest, they could start their travelling with visiting spots or sites which are not in the Mount Tai Scenic Ara, such as Dai Temple, Dai Temple Archway, the Copper Pavilion, the Yaoshen Pavilion, the Han Cypress Courtyard, Juping Site and Dawenkou Site where the ancient Dawenkou culture flourished. Then, they could start climbing and enjoying picturesque sceneries of Mount Tai Scenic Area, including Nantian Gate, Red Gate, Tianjie, Half-way Gate to Heaven (Zhongtianmen), Bixia temple, etc. Of course, it is a must to enjoy precious stone inscriptions of past dynasties as Qin dynasty stone inscriptions, inscriptions rocks of the Diamond Sutra, cliffs with inscriptions of Tang dynasty. What’s more, there are different here are different travelling routes like the route for Red Gate, the route for Tianwaicun, etc. to reach Mount Tai.