Tai'an Festivals and Events

Dongping Rape Flower Festival

Time: From Middle April to late April
Dongping Rape Flower Festival would be held in the Old Town of Shuihu.
The opening ceremony of this was very grand. At the same time, micro-film contest and tourism photography contest will be launched on Dongping Rape Flower Festival. Besides, there are lots of roads with picturesque sceneries around Dongping Lake. A great majority of cyclists like riding here so that there will also be a cycling Race here.

Feicheng Peach Flower Festival

Time: April 5th -- 15th
Feicheng Peach Flower Festival is held in Feicheng with a grand opening ceremony. The planting of peach trees covers an area of 100, 000 square kilometers. When peach trees are in full blossom, Feicheng County looks like a sea of flowers, which attracts numerous people.

Dongyue Temple Fair

Time: March 28th and April 18th in the lunar calendar
Dongyue Temple Fair started in the Tang Dynasty, originally celebrating the birthday of Dongyue Emperor (March 28) as the main content of Taishan Temple Fair, and then added activities to celebrate the birthday of the Grandmother of Mount Tai. Today, Dongyue Temple Fair is a folk temple fair with the characteristics of Mount Tai. In addition to the traditional religious activities, there are material trading, cultural entertainment and other activities.

Tiankuang Festival

Time: June 6th in the lunar calendar
Tiankuang Festival originated in the Song Dynasty. It is said that Zhao Heng, the Emperor Zhenzong in Song Dynasty, was a very superstitious emperor. On June 6, one year, he claimed that God had given him a book, so he designated this day as "Tiankuang Festival". He also built a grand temple at the foot of Mount Taishan. As time goes on, the Tiankuang Festival has lost its original meaning at present, but it has been become the day when daughters who have been married go back to their parents' homes to see their parents.

Mount Tai International Climbing Festival

Time: September 6th -- 9th
Mount Tai International Climbing Festival has been successfully held for 21 years. The festival is attended by mountaineers from many countries, like China, Britain, France, the United States, South Korea, Japan, etc. At present, Mount Tai International Climbing Festival has become a fitness program recommended by the State Sports Commission to the whole people, and is loved by mountaineering enthusiasts all over the world.