Tai'an Climate


The annual average temperature is 12.9 °C. It is highest in July, averaging 26.4 ℃, and lowest in January, averaging -2.6 ℃. The extreme maximum temperature is 41 ℃ and the extreme minimum temperature is -27.5 ℃. Geographically, the temperature is higher in the south and west and lower in the east and north. Frost-free period averages 195 days with a maximum length of 241 days and a minimum of 161 days. Due to the topography, landform, vertical variation, and geographical variation, some local small climate zones have been formed. The annual average temperature at the top of Mount Taishan is only 5.2 °C and annual rainfall is 1,163.8 millimeters. The high-temperature zone is around Chaiwen River and Mountain Culai, with an average annual temperature of more than 14 °C, which is 3 or 4 degrees higher than that of the whole city, and reaches the subtropical standard.


The annual average sunshine of Tai'an is 2627.1 hours, and the interannual variation is between 2342.3-3413.5 hours. The sunshine rate is about 58%. The most is in May and June of the year, about 268 hours per month, which is very favorable for wheat growth.


The average annual precipitation of Tai'an is 697 mm. As a result of monsoon, the annual precipitation changes greatly. Annual maximum precipitation 1498 mm, and the annual minimum precipitation 199 mm. Because of the influence of landforms, precipitation in the east is more than that in the west, and precipitation in the mountains is more than that in the plains. The average annual precipitation is 700-750 mm in the eastern mountains and 600-650 mm in the western plain. The general trend is that the precipitation decreases gradually from northeast to southwest. The distribution of precipitation within the year is very uneven, with summer rainfall being the largest, accounting for 65.2% of the annual precipitation. The precipitation in winter is the least, only accounting for 3.6%. The precipitation in July is the most, accounting for 32.1% of the annual precipitation. Hot rainy season is quite favorable to the growth and development of crops and fruits. The precipitation of January is the least, accounting for only 0.96%.

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