Tai'an Shopping

Tai’an has a wide variety of local products, such as Feicheng peach, Taishan chestnut, Ningyang jujube which are said to be "Taishan three specialties." Besides, most of visitors who visit Mount Tai would buy a few Taishan Shigandang that is made from granitic as souvenirs. The trilobite’s fossils, commonly known as "swallow stone", are the most collective souvenirs. What’s more, there are some Chinese medicines in Mount Tai because of its abundant natural resources. And if you would like to buy some precious Chinese medicine herbs, you could choose lucid ganoderm, Polygonum multiflorum, four-leaf ginseng, lithospermu, etc. Finally, the black jade of Mount Tai, peach wooden artworks of Feicheng, ancient potteries of Dawenkou, flowers and trees bonsai, etc. are all recommended choices for visitors.

What to buy

Feicheng Peach

Feicheng is a peach resort with an area of 100,000 square kilometers. Feicheng peach is famous for its big size, fat meat and delicious taste. In ancient times, it was a royal tribute of successive dynasties. Now it has set a won Guinness Record and won the title of "the Largest Peach Garden in the World".

Chestnut of Mount Tai

It is mainly produced in Mount Tai and Culai Mountain, with many categories. Its fruit is equally in size, bright in color and with thin putamina. The inner membrane is easy to be stripped. It is tasty and easy to take away for visitors.

Codonopsis Lanceolata of Mount Tai

Codonopsis lanceolata, or lance asiabell root, is one of the famous herbal medicines of Mount Tai. It belongs to Campanulaceae renascent herbs and grows in the gap of rocks, moist valley or brae covered with shadow of trees. It is as large as carrot with coarse black and yellow skin, and has functions of cleaning away heat and toxic material, eliminating phlegm, releasing cough and making physique sturdy. Dipped in white spirits, it could help to relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation as well as keep fitness and replenish vital energy so that it is honored as “treasure of Mount Tai”.

Red Squama Fish of Mount Tai

It is a rare kind of wild fish living in deep water of Peach Blossom Valley and Rock Basin of Mount Tai, and is about 10cm long and as thick as a pinkie but very dedicate, with fresh taste and high percent of protein. The fish is extremely delicious without any fishy smell. The fish could be traced back to the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty who ever held grand ceremonies to thank heaven and earth on Mount Tai and ate this kind of fish each time. Now lots of visitors from home and abroad would like to taste the fish when they visit Mount Tai.

Hawthorn of Mount Tai

The big hawthorn of Mount Tai has a long history of beyond 3000 years. This type of hawthorn bears fruits earlier, and has high yield and strong adaptability. It tastes good and could be stored for long time. Fresh hawthorn tastes both acid and sweet. It could be made into hawthorn cake, hawthorn juice and cans. Farmers always drink the leaves of hawthorn tree tea, which is good for ameliorating the symptom of headache, vertigo and lowering cholesterin, blood pressure and preventing coronary heart disease.

Where to Buy

Local shopping places here are mainly two areas: shopping malls inside Tai’an city and in Mount Tai sites. The main shopping centers in Tai’an city are Yinzuo Plaza and Sihai Shopping Mall. In Mount Tai, you could shop on the Tianjie Street. Here is some information about shopping places in Mount Tai area.

Tianjie Street

The Tianjie Street of Mount Tai refers to the street that starts from the Nantianmen (Heavenly Southern Gate) east to Bixia Temple. There are all sorts of shops and stores where tourists could buy some local specialties and jade and stone products that are worth collecting.

Yintai Shopping Center

It located on Caiyuan Street that is the most prosperous commercial street. The shopping center integrates catering, entertainment, business, shopping and leisure together, which offers convenience to customers.

Yinzuo City Square

Located in the city proper, it is major shopping center in Tai’an city, and provides products of all varieties. You could shop, and enjoy entertainment here.

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