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Shanghai Tours are always connected with other top destinations in China, like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Mount Huangshan As a popular gateway city in China, there are countless places of interest in Shanghai. Shanghai, known as the Oriental Paris, is the best place to experience the collision of oriental and western culture. Shanghai is also the best place to discover the great changes of cities in China. Shanghai is an example the fast development of China. As the most developed city in China, Shanghai also preserves the traditional Chinese folk customs and art forms. Take a Shanghai Tour to experience the contrast of Shanghai' past, today and future.

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As the most popular gateway to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan, Shanghai is a city connected to other cities by high speed train. It is very convenient to get to southern cities from and to Shanghai by train. Therefore, Shanghai Tours are always connected to Suzhou, Hangzhou and other areas in the Jiangnan area(the regions south of the Yangtze River). What's more, from Jan. 30, 2016, visa-free travel is possible for travelers from 51 countries who want to  travel Shanghai, JiangsuZhejiang for 144 hours.

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