Kaifeng Attractions

Kaifeng Attractions include a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Kaifeng. The scenic spots in Kaifeng are relatively concentrated, mainly distributed in Longting District. And these scenic spots are very close to each other. Kaifeng, which has always been famous for its historical scenic spots, is one of China's seven major ancient capitals. Various cultural relics and historic sites are still preserved in Kaifeng. Visitors to Kaifeng will have a lot to see and do. Daliang Road, which runs from east to west, divides the urban tourist area into north and south parts.

Top Attractions in Kaifeng 

Kaifeng's scenic spots mainly exist in the form of architecture. Ancient buildings of different times can be seen everywhere in the back streets of the city. To explore the historical charm of Kaifeng city, you can go to many famous scenic spots, among which Millennium City Park and Iron Pagoda Park are the necessary places for your trip to Kaifeng. 

Museums in Kaifeng

Most of the Kaifeng city's historical relics are preserved in the Museums. Whether you're interested in local history or art, a museum is a great way to kill your time on a miserable day.

Historical and Cultural Sites in Kaifeng

The Iron Pagoda, Xiangguo Temple, Baogong Memorial Hall, Yanqingguan, Yuwangtai, Po Pagoda and other key cultural relics in Kaifeng have high research value, historical and cultural value and tourism value. Kaifeng is one of Henan's three major stone carving concentration areas. There are more than 1,000 stone carvings from Han Dynasty to Republic of China preserved and collected in the scenic spots and historic sites. They are valuable cultural relics for studying social economy, history and culture, science and technology and calligraphy.

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