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What to Buy

1.Pomegranate in Jinghong景洪石榴

Shiliu,formerly known as pomegranates, Lythrum salicaria. Deciduous shrubs or small trees. Needle-like branches and leaves are obovate orelliptic, glabrous. Summer-flowering, Orange, yellow and white. Fruits subglobose, maturing in the autumn. Testa meat is translucent, juicy; kind of leathery. Originating in Iran and its surrounding areas. 

2.Jinghong pineapple景洪菠萝

Jinghong pineapple is a product of Xishuangbanna, Jinghong city of Yunnan province. It is delicate, sweet taste into the honey.Fruit size is concerned, is the King of fruit.pineapple and pineapple trees(树菠萝), Xishuangbanna Dai language known as "honey" is the Xishuangbanna region producing fruit in the fruit of the biggest, the smell is most delicious fruits, Xishuangbanna has cultivated all over, mainly produced in Jinghong.

3.Xishuangbanna pulu西双版纳氆氇

Pulu is the processing reservoir loading, Tibetan boots, Golden Cap is the main material, and legend has it that there are more than 2000 years of history. Status of Tibetan daily life such as cotton is as important and popular on the Mainland. Pulu is made by hand by the Tibetan people , with fine flat, soft and smooth, as the fabric or decorative quality of wool textiles, whose material is wool, Xining, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing processes is made.

4.Dai dress傣族服饰

Dai women pay attention to clothes, the pursuit of light, beautiful, elegant costumes, coordinate clothing colors, very well. Young woman in the head, is a significant feature of the Dai dress. Dai women's upper body of colored tights, black jacket light dajin or narrower sleeves, dressed in a suit and Manpower under skirt, skirt woven with a variety of patterns, Dai woman will pull long hair bun, inclined inserted in the hair Combs, hairpins or flowers for decoration. 

5.Wood carving木雕

Wood carving is a kind of sculpture, in our country has often been referred to as "folk art". Wood carving can be divided into three main types of three-dimensional sculpture, carving, relief.  

Where to Buy

The usual Chinese tourist gimmicks, somehow more here than anywhere else in China. Local Dai produced items also available.

1.Night market Xishuangbanna Park, On the right side of the New Bridge. Every night there is a big night market in Xishuangbanna Park just on the right of the New Bridge. (The new bridge is the suspension bridge all lit up at night, and the right side is looking at it as you would be leaving Jinghong across it). You can buy almost anything here and there are endless street food stalls. The river side is all bars serving food, some with good live music.

2.Thailand Avenue (Tai Guo Jie). A newly built large open market and Thai themed stores centered around a stage. There are at least two bars on premise. Free live music at night at around 7 pm.

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