Jinghong Dining

What to Eat in Jinghong?

1. Dai-style pineapple rice菠萝饭

This is an iconic Dai dish, combining two staples of the Xishuangbanna region — pineapples and rice. It is served as part of a meal even though it is quite sweet, but it is not a dessert. Add sugar or honey to taste. The trick is to ensure that chunks of pineapple, rather than pineapple juice, are mixed with the rice, otherwise it will turn almost sloppy. A new trend is to add cooked peanuts with the skin on. The dish looks even more attractive if a combination of white and red rice are used.

 2. Grasshopper sauerkraut蚂蚱酸菜

Grasshoppers are pests, eats leaves of verdant rice paddy close season, has been eating fat grasshoppers catch back, pour in boiling water, boiled 3-5 minutes, remove and dry in Shau Kei. Knead by hand to the locust's wings and feet. Sprinkle a moderate amount of salt, pepper powder, pepper powder, fried beans, a few drops of wine, lightly rub evenly, salted into the tank, after two or three weeks is the scent run Haney Grasshopper sauerkraut.  

 3. Burned food包烧

Burned food is one of the Dai people in Xishuangbanna, a special method of cooking food. Processed food in this way without the pot, with natural greenery –banana leaf for cooking tools, cooking food with fresh leaves, charcoal fire in fireplace for heat, food is cooked.Burned this way, processing of cake, Shui Xian, meat

Roast vegetables with wild mushrooms, wild taro and pumpkin tips, beans sweet bamboo shoots and so on.

 4. Bamboo Rice竹筒饭

Bamboo rice is loaded with fresh steamed rice and seasonings cooked meals.For field production in mountain areas or at home using a charcoal grilling.Bamboo rice , has a long history, green bamboo, rice, butter yellow,aroma floating, flexible, excellent.

 5. Leaves Steamed Pork叶包蒸猪肉

Its ingredients include pork, onion, garlic, ginger, green pepper, pepper,salt, citronella. 

Where to Eat in Jinghong?

1. Cai Chun Qing Thai Food

Cai Chun Qing Thai Food mainly serves Thailand style food, and the price there is affordable. It is very popular in Jinghong City, and the most recommended food is Thai soymilk (泰国豆奶) and chicken pants a meal (鸡油饭, very popular rice in Southeast Asian countries mainly cooked with chicken oil and rice).

2. Manting Xiaozhai

Manting Xiaozhai is a snack street. Barbecue is the highlights there, and Zutong Fan (竹筒饭, rice cooked in bamboo), roast fish (香茅草烤鱼), roast pig brain wrapped in banana leaves (芭蕉叶烤猪脑) and pineapple rice (菠萝饭) are highly recommended by customers having being there.

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