Jinghong Administrative Divisions

Jinghong city has jurisdiction over 1 subdistrict, 5 towns, 5 townships, 16 neighborhood committees and 81 village committees.

●1 Subdistrict: Yunjinghong Subdistrict(允景洪街道)

●5 Towns: Gasha Town(嘎洒镇), Menglong Town(勐龙镇), Menghan Town(勐罕镇), Mengyang Town勐养镇(), Puwen Town(普文镇)

●5 Townships: Jingha Hani Ethnic Township(景哈哈尼族乡), Jingna Township(景讷乡), Dadugang Township(大渡岗乡), Mengwang Township(勐旺乡), Jinuoshan Jinuo Ethnic Township(基诺山基诺族乡)

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