Inner Mongolia Transportation

Inner Mongolia enjoys a very convenient transportation by airplanes, trains and buses. There are five major airports in Inner Mongolia. In terms of railways, there are currently 19 state-owned railway trunk lines, 12 branch lines and 5 local railways, which are accessible to dozens of cities such as Beijing, Xi 'an, Hailar, Lanzhou and Yinchuan. As for highways, there are many national highways passing through Inner Mongolia. 

How to Get to Inner Mongolia

By Air

As Inner Mongolia boasts a vast area, it is equipped with many airports including Hohhot Baita Airport, Baotou Airport, Hailar Dongshan Airport, Xilinhot Airport, Ulanholt Airport, Chifeng Yulong Airport and Tongliao Airport, all those providing travellers with convenient accesses to many major cities at home and some bordering cities including Beijing, Arxan, Sanya, Harbin, Jiagedaqi , Xi 'an, Ulanhot, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Ulaanbaatar, Bangkok, Hohhot, etc. Tourists can get to Inner Mongolia from almost all the major cities in China.

By Train

The railway stations in Inner Mongolia also contribute convenience to its transportation. There are trains that can reach most places in Inner Mongolia, but after arriving there, you have to change buses to the final destinations. The major railway stations are listed below for your reference.

Chinese Name English Name  Location
呼和浩特站 Hohhot Railway Station Hohhot
呼和浩特东站 Hohhot East Railway Station Hohhot
海拉尔火车站 Hailar Railway Station Hailar City, Hulunbuir
满洲里火车站 Manzhouli Railway Station Manzhouli City, Hulunbuir 
 扎兰屯火车站   Zhalantun Railway Station  Zhalantun City, Hulunbuir 
 鄂尔多斯站  Ordos Railway Station  Ordos City
 东胜东站  East Dongsheng Railway Station   Ordos City
 准格尔站  Jungar Railway Station     Jugar Banner, Ordos City
 达拉特西站  West Dalate Railway Station    Dalate Banner, Ordos City
 包头站  Baotou Railway Station   Baotou
 赤峰站  Chifeng Railway Station   Chifeng

The main railway lines that pass through Guangxi are as follows:

  • Harbin-Manzhouli
  • Yakeshi-Mangui
  • Siping-Qiqihar
  • Beijing North-Tongliao West
  • Tongliao North-Holingol
  • Beijing North-Baotou
  • Baotou West-Lanzhou East
  • Ulanqab-Erenhot
  • Ulanqab -Tongliao North
  • Baotou-Xi 'an
  • Ulanqab -Zhangjiakou South

Provided with those railway lines, it is very easy and convient for tourists to get to Inner Mongolia. Of course, those are not all the railway stations and lines in Inner Mongolia, for other railway stations, please contact our China Dragon Tour consultant, we are ready to help.

By Long-distance Bus

The highway transportaion is also well developed in Inner Mongolia, with connections to major cities all around the country as well as the Mongolia and Russia. Tourists can take the long-distance buses not only to get to Inner Mongolia but also to transferring cities in Inner Mongolia. Major long-distance buses in Inner Mongolia inludes Hohhot Long-distance Bus Station(呼和浩特长途汽车站), Hailar Bus Station(海拉尔汽车站), Baotou Long-Distance Bus Terminal (包头长途客运总站), etc. 

How to Get Around Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has jurisdiction over 9 prefecture-level cities, 3 leagues, which are  Hohhot city (呼和浩特市), Baotou city (包头市), Wuhai city (乌海市), Chifeng city (赤峰市), Tongliao city (通辽市), Ordos city (鄂尔多斯市), Hulunbuir city (呼伦贝尔市), Bayannur city (巴彦淖尔市), Ulanqab city (乌兰察布市),  Hinggan League (兴安盟), Xilingol League (锡林郭勒盟) and Alxa League (阿拉善盟). Traveling in Inner Mongolia, the following transportation methods are the best ways to get around.

By Bus

Bus is a convenient and commonly chosen transportation for Inner Mongolia tour. Most of the city bus lines start operating at around 6:00 am and end at 10:30 pm. It is very convenient to take a bus to get around the downtown of places in Inner Mongolia.

By Self-driving

For there are vast and amazing grasslands in Inner Mongolia, tourists are also recommended to rent a car to get round Inner Mongolia, more convenient and flexible for your itinerary and better appreciating the grassland view, the price is about 500-600 yuan/day according to the vehicle type, furthermore, it is highly suggested to hire an experienced local guide for your tour.

By Taxi

When getting around a city that you are traveling for the first time, taxi is always a good choice, it is convenient and efficient. Getting round in the cities of Inner Mongolia by taxi doesn' t cost you too much. 

By Share Bicycle

Nowadays, shared bicycles are available around the city, you can rent it in most places and corners in the major cities of Inner Mongolia, even in the scenic spots, it's not hard to find a place to rent a bike.