Inner Mongolia Shopping

Inner Mongolia Shopping section is here for your followed consideration about what and where to buy in Inner Mongolia after ending your Inner Mongolia tour.  Inner Mongolia has many to offer in its specialties and souvenirs which are full of regional characters. The most popular ones are silverware including bowl, knife, pot and wine vessel, Inner Mongolian carpet, Mongolian knife, Mongolian embroidery and Inner Mongolia snacks such as dried beef, cheese, milk tofu, etc. China Dragon Tour will offer you information about what representative specialties and souvenirs to buy and where to buy in Inner Mongolia.

What to Buy in Inner Mongolia

1. Mongolian Silverware

The Mongolian silverwares can be traced back to as early as in Yuan Dynasty. Silverwares include bowl, knife, pot and wine vessel. The silverware is finely crafted, vivid in color and bright ethnic styles. The Mongolian bowl is a jewel among them.

2. Mongolian Embroideries

Different from other famous embroideries in China, the Mongolian embroidery is made on woolen felt and leather boots as well as soft materials. It distinguishes itself by its dignified and unimposing style and vivid color contrast. The embroideries including bags, handbags, wallet and costume, bags are the best choice to be chosen as a souvenir.

3. Ordos Cashmere (鄂尔多斯山羊绒)

Ordos cashmere is famous at home and abroad for its good thermal insulation properties. Cashmere is very precious, not only because of its scarce output, but also because of its excellent quality and characteristics. It is considered as and "fiber queen" and "soft gold". The clothes and dresses made of Ordos cashmere will keep your body warm in cold weather with soft wearing comfort. Cashmere clothes are high recommended to you.

4. Inner Mongolian Cheese

In Hohhot, you can eat cheese made by the local people. Cheese is the traditional food in Inner Mongolia and belongs to the White Food category, but now it has become popular national wide for it contains high calcium which benefits human body. Cheese is also called “Milk Tofu" in the Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolian Cheese is made by milk. The milk is dried under the sun on the top of yurts. The taste of the Inner Mongolian Cheese is fragrant with milk, and with a little sourness. The guarantee period is short, so you should eat it up in time.

5. Dried Beef

Dried beef, also known as air-dried beef, Inner Mongolia beef jerky, Inner Mongolia air-dried beef, is a specialty of Inner Mongolia, famed as “Genghis Khan's army provisions”. It contains rich protein and amino acid with high nutrition value and is good to our healthy, especially the children and elder people as well as the weak body and after the disease. Its package adopts advanced vacuum packaging technology, prolonging the quality guarantee period to one year.

6. Kumis 马奶酒

Kumis, a typical traditional Mongolian drink in Inner Mongolia. Now the Kumis products are wrapped in various packages, convenient for carrying.

Where to Buy in Inner Mongolia

1. Dazhao Temple Qing Ming Street 大召寺明清一条街
Address: West of Dazhao Temple, Yuquan Dstrict, Hohhot City 
Transportation: No. 6, 38, 42, 58, 59 buses, getting off at Dazhao Stop 
Description: Many folk handicrafts sold at reasonable prices, best place to buy souvenirs.

2.Inner Mongolia Antique Shop 内蒙古玩店 
Address: Xilin North Road, Xincheng District, Hohhot City 
Description: Best place to buy handicrafts.

3.Hailar Youyi Shopping Mall 海拉尔友谊商场

Address: Xiangyang Street, Hailar District, Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔市海拉尔区向阳街
Transportation:  the flag-fall price is 5 yuan for taxi cab
Description: Hailar Youyi Shopping Mall is an old shopping center in Hailar. It is very popular among the local people.The mall is located in the center of the city, surrounded by residential districts. You can buy all kinds of local specialities there, as well as clothes, costumes and other commodities.

4. Ordos Shopping Center 鄂尔多斯购物中心
Address: Dongsheng Dstrict, Ordos City 
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00 
Description: It is a shopping complex integrating food service and recreation.

Inner Mongolia offers wide range of specialties for tourists, not all of them are listed here, please click the  Shopping links below Keep Reading for the hot destination in Inner Mongolia.