Inner Mongolia Travel Tips

Here are some useful Inner Mongolia travel tips and local tourism informaion for your reference to have a better travle experience in Inner Mongolia tour.

1. Useful Numbers

Here are Inner Mongolia useful telephone numbers and postcodes of Inner Mongolia for you to have a convenient Inner Mongolia tour.

China International country code number  0086
Police   110
Fire   119
Ambulance  120
Check Telephone Number  114
 Traffic Accidents  122
 Weather Report  12121, 96121
 Inner Mongolia Tourism Bureau  0471-6965978
 Supervision Office of the Claims Reception of Commission for Discipline Inspection  0471-12388
 Tourism Complain  

2. Postcodes and Area Codes in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Administrative Divisions Postcodes Area Codes
Hohhot city 010000  0471
Baotou city  014000  0472
Wuhai city  016000  0473
Chifeng city  024000  0476
Tongliao city    028000  0475
Ordos city  017000  0477
Hulunbuir city  021000  0470
Bayannur city   015000  0478
 Ulanqab city   012000  0474
 Hinggan League  137400  0482
 Xilingol League   026000  0479
 Alxa League    750306  0478

 3. Best Time to Visit Inner Mongolia

The best time to travel in Inner Mongolia grassland areas is in summer, especially from July to September, while the best time to travel in Inner Mongolia desert areas is in autumn. However, the whole region spans a large longitude and there are certain differences between the eastern and western climates. Therefore, different seasons should be chosen for different destinations.

4. Things to Do in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia tour impresses us most by its vast jade grassland, Mongolian ethnic customs and historical relics. It offers us attractions such as Zhaojun Tomb(昭君墓), Five Pagodas Temple (五塔寺), Dazhao Temple(大昭寺), Mausoleum of Genghis Khan (成吉思汗陵) for Inner Mongolia culture tour, from which we can get to know the history and culture development of Inner Mongolia; Inner Mongolia grassland tours focused on  Hulunbuire Grassland,  Xilamuren Grassland(希拉穆仁草原), Huitengxile Grassland(辉腾锡勒) and Gegentala Grassland(格根塔拉草原) for tourists to experience the prairie culture like horse riding, wrestling and other activities; Inner Mongolia ethnic tours themed on Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe(金帐汗国蒙古部落), Taiping Village in Hulunbuir City,Aoluguya Ewenke National Township( 敖鲁古雅鄂温克民族乡) as well as their biggest Nadam Festival; which you shouldn't miss  to try local food, experience folk culture and buy Inner Mongolia specialties Besides theses, the desert tours in Kubuqi Desert and the unique Whistling Dune Bay (Xiangshawan Desert) are becoming more and more popular these days to try desert activities like camel riding beach volleyball. It is difficult to list all the things to do in Inner Mongolia one by one. Therefore, come here, we can always find the right attractions for you according to your requirements.China Dragon Tour can also customize Inner Mongolia tour packages for you on your specific requirements. 

5. Dressing Tips

For your Inner Mongolia tour in summer, you should prepare long-sleeved clothes for appropriate use for the temperature difference between day and night varies greatly. Winter is colder, thick clothing, leather hat, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, chilblain cream are necessary, besides, you have to wear snow jogging shoes with good warm performance and tight friction force.  Also, raincoat is needed, because the weather in the grassland areas changes a lot. 

6. How to Get to Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia enjoys a very convenient transportation by airplanes, trains and buses. There are five major airports in Inner Mongolia. In terms of railways, there are currently 19 state-owned railway trunk lines, 12 branch lines and 5 local railways, which are accessible to dozens of cities such as Beijing, Xi 'an, Hailar, Lanzhou and Yinchuan. As for highways, there are many national highways passing through Inner Mongolia.  Tourist can get in Inner Mongolia from most of the Major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, etc. Therefore, it is convenient to get in and get around Inner Mongolia.