Inner Mongolia Festivals and Events

Inner Mongolia is a place full of prairie culture and nomandic customs, the festivals and activities in Inner Mongolia also well embodies its regional features. The table bellow lists some ethnic festivals and activties in Inner Mongolia, for your reference.

Chinese Name  English Name  Date Location
蒙古族大年 Mongolian New Year First day of the first lunar month Throughout Inner Mongolia 
那达慕大会 Nadam Festival Midsummer Gegentala Grassland
敖包会 Aobao Festival Undesignated date from May to August Throughout Inner Mongolia, particulalrly in Ewenki Autonomous Banner
昭君文化节 Zhaojun Cultural Festival Some chosen days from July to August Hohhot
米阔鲁节 Mi Kuolu Festival Late May Old Barag Banner, Hulunbuir
瑟宾节  Sebin Festival June 18 Ewenki Autonomous Banner 
篝火节 Bonfire Festival June 18 Oroqen Autonomous Banner 
马奶节 Horse Milk Festival Late August of the lunar calendar Xilingol League and Ordos
 查干萨日(白月节)  Tsagaan Sar  December 16 to Jan 15 of the lunar calendar  Ordos region
 阿尔山冰雪节  Arxan Ice and Snow Festival   Some chosen days in December  Arxan city in the Hinggan League
 成吉思汗纪念节  Commemoration for Genghis Khan  March 17 of the lunar calendar  Ejin Horo Banner
 鄂尔多斯旅游文化节  Tourism and Cultural Festival of Ordos  First half of May  Ordos
  鄂尔多斯冰雪文化节  Ordos Ice and Snow Culture Festival Late December to early January  Ordos
 打鬃节   Marking Livestock Festival  Early May  Rural areas in Inner Mongolia 


Besides the traditional festivals of ethnic groups in Inner Mongolia, Traditional Chinese Festivals like Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival are also celebrated in the region. There are also some other small ethnic festivals in Inner Mongolia, we can't list all of them here. In recent years, cultural festivals such as  singing and dancing festival, Mongolia Costume Festival are somtimes held along with the big festival like Nadam Festival so that tourists can explore and experience more during their Inner Mongolia Festival tour. For the detailed information about the festivals in Inner Mongolia, you can click the destination festival links bellow, or contact our consultant, we are ready to help.