Inner Mongolia Accommodation

Where to stay in Inner Mongolia? Inner Mongolia Accommodation provides you with information about hotels ranging from luxury hotels to featured inns including the best 5-star hotels and confortable hotels decorated in local folk style as well as Mongolia yurts accommodation. 

Recommended Hotels in Inner Mongolia

Recommended 5-star Hotels in Inner Mongolia

  • Wanda Vista Hotel Hohhot (呼和浩特富力万达文华酒店) 
    Address: No.26 Xinhua East Street, Saihan District, Hohhot City (呼和浩特赛罕区新华东街26号) 
    Tel: 0471-5188888 
    Nearby Attractions: Inner Mongolia Museum
  • Inner Mongolia Hotel-Hohhot 呼和浩特内蒙古饭店 
    Address:No. 31 Ulanqab West Road, Xincheng District, Hohhot City (呼和浩特新城区乌兰察布西路31号) 
    Nearby Attractions: Inner Mongolia Museum, Five Pagodas Temple, Dayao Cultural Relics
  • Shangri-La Hotel Hohhot 呼和浩特香格里拉大酒店 
    Address: No.5, South Xilingol Road, Huimin District, Hohhot 呼和浩特回民区锡林郭勒南路5号
    Nearby Attractions: Five Pagodas Temple, Xilituzhao Monastery, Great Mosque
  • Hulunbuir Tianjiao Hotel  呼伦贝尔天骄宾馆
    Address: No. 89, Yuanlin Road, Heping Street, Hailar District, Hulunbuir City (呼伦贝尔海拉尔区和平大街园林路89号) 
    Tel:  0470-8218700
  • Shangri-la Hotel Manzhouli 满洲里香格里拉大酒店
    Address: No.99, Liudao Street, Manzhouli City (满洲里六道街99号) 
    Tel: 020-89178792
  • Howard Johnson Parkview Plaza Erdos (鄂尔多斯博源豪生大酒店) 
    Address: Etuoke West Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos City (鄂尔多斯东胜区鄂托克西街) 
    Tel: (0477)8138888
    Nearby Atrraction: Mother Park
  • Ordos Tieniu Phoenix Hotel (鄂尔多斯铁牛大酒店) 
    Address: Guangchang Street North, Yingbin Road, Tiexi District, Ordos  (鄂尔多斯铁西迎宾路广场街北
    Tel: (0477)8311111
    Nearby Atrraction: Whistling Dune Bay Tourist Scienc Spot

Recommended 4-star Hotels in Inner Mongolia

  • Holiday Inn 呼和浩特假日酒店 
    Address:No.33, West Zhongshan Road, Huimin District, Hohhot (呼和浩特回民区中山西路33号) 
    Tel: 0471-6351888 
    Nearby Attractions: Islam Customs Street, Dazhao Temple, Five Pagoda Temple
  • HNA Grand Hotel Portman Hohhot 呼和浩特博曼海航大酒店 
    Address: Middle Section of Erdos Street, Saihan District, Hohhot City (呼和浩特赛罕区鄂尔多斯大街中段) 
    Merit: Convenient Transportation
  • Chun Xue Four Seasons Hotel 内蒙古春雪四季酒店 
    Address:No.30, Nanma Temple Street, Ulanqab West Road, Xincheng District, Hohhot City (呼和浩特新城区乌兰察布西路南马神庙街30号) 
    Tel: 0471-6370183 Nearby Attractions: Manduhai Park
  • BTG Jinglun Hotel, Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔首旅京伦酒店 
    Address: No. 17, Alihe Road, Hailar District, Hulunbuir City (呼伦贝尔海拉尔区阿里河路17号) 
    Tel: 0470-8348777
  • Lubuli Russian Hotel, Manzhouli  满洲里卢布里俄式酒店(原华都宾馆) 
    Address: No. 179, Sandao Street, West Zhongsu Walking Street, Manzhouli City (满洲里中苏步行街西三道街179号) 
    Tel: 0470-3989966
  • Ordos Hotel (鄂尔多斯饭店) 
    Address: No. 11, Yijinhuoluo West Street, Dongsheng District, Ordos (鄂尔多斯东胜区伊金霍洛西街11号 ) 
    Tel: (0477)8385557
    Nearby Atrraction: Wangfujing Shopping Mall
  • Ordos Ausotel Elion Hotel (鄂尔多斯亿利澳斯特酒店) 
    Address: No. 2, Jilaoqing South Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos (鄂尔多斯东胜区吉劳庆南路2号 ) 
    Tel: (0477)3902111
    Nearby Atrraction: Commercial Center

Recommended Comfortable 3-star Hotels in Inner Mongolia

  • Jinyi Youxuan Hotel (Hohhot Xinhua West Street Fuyuan) 锦颐优选酒店(呼和浩特新华西街附院店) 
    Address:International Exhibition Cent, Xinhua Square, West Street Huimin District Hohhot (呼和浩特回民区新华广场西街) 
    Nearby Attractions: Islam Customs Street
  • Home Inn Plus (Hohhot Xing'an North Road) 如家精选酒店呼和浩特兴安北路酒店
    Address:No.66, Xing'an North Road (Tian'e Building), Xincheng District, Hohhot City 呼和浩特新城区兴安北路甲66天鹅大厦 
    Nearby Attractions: Altai Amusement Park, Genghis Khan Square
  • Ji Hotel (Hulun Buir Railway Station) 全季酒店(呼伦贝尔火车站店)
    Address: No.7, Barag East Road, Hailar District, Hulunbuir City(呼伦贝尔海拉尔区巴尔虎东路7号)
    Tel:  0470-3925888
  • Hulunbeier Hong Ji La yurts Hotel 呼伦贝尔弘吉剌部蒙古大营 
    Address: Near the 301 Provincial Highway, Old Barag Banner, Ergun City(额尔古纳陈巴尔虎旗301省道附近)
    Tel: 13301042355  
  • Matryoshka Doll Themed Hotel, Manzhouli Port 满洲里口岸套娃主题酒店
    Address: No.23, Huabu Street, Manzhouli City (near the Matryoshka Doll Square)(满洲里 华埠大街23号 ,近套娃景区)
    Tel: 0470-6668888
  • Tulip Inn Taihua Hotel Resort (鄂尔多斯泰华金熙酒店) 
    Address: No. 2, Wulanmulun Street, Kangbashi District, Ordos (鄂尔多斯康巴什区乌兰木伦街西2号
    Tel: (0477)8532222
    Nearby Atrraction: Wulanmulun River
  • Holiday Inn Express Ordos Dongsheng  (鄂尔多斯东胜智选假日酒店) 
    Address: No. 22, Jingzhi Ring Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos (鄂尔多斯东胜区景致环路22号
    Tel: (0477)3157666
    Nearby Atrraction: Whistling Dune Bay Tourist Scienc Spot, Ordos Grassland 

There are too many hotels in Inner Mongolia, and it is hard to list all out here, for the hotels in your specific destionation cities, such as Hohhot, Hulunbuir and Ordos, etc. please click the corresponding links below Keep Reading or contact our China Dragon Tour consultant to enquiry Mongolia yurts and featured inns.