Cultural and Creative Products Worth Buying in Xi’an Museums

The ancient capital Xi ‘an, popular destination among tourists at home and abroad, is distributed with many museums with various highlights. While marveled at national treasures, tourists are paying more and more attention to what they can “take away” in a museum besides historical civilization. This section explores four of most popular museums/historic sites in Xi ‘an, and recommends cultural and creative products worth buying for you.

Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum Calendar (陕博日历)

The 2019 edition of the Shaanxi History Museum Calendar have a larger range of time and space. A total of more than 300 pieces of cultural relics collected from 16 museums along the Silk Road that reflect the political, economic, and cultural themes of the Silk Road in the past two thousand years are included. This calendar shows the historical culture and brilliant achievements of the Silk Road to the world. At the same time, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda and other immovable cultural relics are also included, so that the calendar presents richer and more three-dimensional elements of the Silk Road. Readers can appreciate different pictures of relics and record daily life while using the calendar, which are practical functions. For many, the calendar is an introduction to the world of fine art, it showcases the culture and history of China, and it also promotes the outstanding techniques and wisdom of ancient craftsmen.

Fridge Magnets Designed in National Treasures Series (国宝系列冰箱贴)

Thanks to the popularity of the TV show “National Treasure” and the documentary “If National Treasures Speak,” many museums and interesting cultural relics have come to people’s eyes. The following series of refrigerator magnets shaped in national treasures in Shaanxi History Museum are also up to expectations. Each one is worth buying home. Zinc-alloy refrigerator magnets adopts lines to enhance the stereoscopic impression, modeling is based on the collection of Shaanxi History Museum’s figurines, Tang Tri-color Horse, Carved Agate Cup with Gold Mouth, etc., of which the best-selling is the Bronze Tiger-shaped Tally, the same style with that on the “national treasure” show, often sell out of stock, if you are refrigerator collectors, this series must not be missed.

Silver Incense Burner Replicas (复刻葡萄花鸟纹香囊)

This incense burner was unearthed in the cellar of Hejia village. With the exquisite workmanship of the Tang Dynasty, it can still be used today, whether as accessories or sachets. The replica incense burner of Shaanxi Museum of History retains the technology used in Tang Dynasty, and the incense burner with spices inside can still be kept when the shell rotates. Because it is a replica of the cultural relic, the price of this article is higher than that of other products, and it is very worth buying and collecting or as a gift.

Paper Self-adhesive Tape  (一纸千年系列纸胶带)

Paper tape is one of the most economical and practical articles in the museum. The paper tape series of Shaanxi History Museum is simple and elegant, with a total of 5 pieces of “one-thousand-year paper” series. The themes come from the bronze decorations, tile decorations, Tang Dynasty murals and so on. 

Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum

Drawing Book Themed on Terra-cotta Warriors (兵马俑绘画本)

The drawing book of Terracotta Warriors is originally a member of Xi ‘an Impression Painting series. This book can well meet the travel needs of the hand-drawing lover. The inner pages are bound by thread and can be completely spread out after opening. There is no obstacle to cross-page painting. Xi ‘an theme paintings with similar style to the front cover are scattered in the inner pages. Bags are designed on the back cover to hold tickets and commemorative album pages, etc. This book could be a good help for Xi’an tour, it is very suitable to scribble and record the travel scenes encountered.

“Bingbing” Bookends (兵兵有礼书立)

The inspiration for Bingbing bookend series comes from the Terracotta Warriors. Travelers can find the museum store of Bingbing brand at the car ferry boarding point of the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum. The Q version has a wide variety of derivatives, of which the simple and practical book stands are worth paying attention to. The high-strength materials can ensure that they will not deform when used for a long time. The bottom is equipped with anti-skid pads, which can adapt to desktop made of various materials. Cartoon images often arouse children’s interest and it’s a good gift for children.

Ancient City Wall of Xi’an

City Wall Molded Ruler (镂空城墙尺)

The shape of the 24cm ruler adopts the combination of the city wall and the gate tower. The log material is very retro. In addition to drawing lines and measuring, it can also be used to draw concave-convex lines in the style of the city wall on the other side. The concept of the ruler is interesting and in line with Xi ‘an’s style. It is a good choice to use it as a stationery and creative product other than paper tape as well as a gift for schedule book lovers or students.

City Wall-shaped Candle Holder (城墙剪影烛台)

On Xi ‘an City Wall, it is not difficult to find a souvenir shop named “the story of the city wall”. This award-winning shop is worth visiting with its excellent cultural and creative products. The brand-name product is the city wall-shaped candle holder, of which the metal candle holder needs to be spliced by users. After the combination, it is a closed mini city wall, then light the candle and put it into the candle holder, the hollowed-out structure can reflect the silhouette of the city wall. You should not miss it.

Han Yangling Mausoleum (汉阳陵博物馆)

“Shanshan” Soft Gel Pen ( 姗姗有礼软胶笔)

Key highlight of the collections in Han Yangling Museum, a female figurine has naturally become the prototype of “Shanshan”. Shanshan, who is designed as a cartoon figure, sitting upright and smiling with her head bowed. This soft gel pen refill can be replaced and it’s comfortable to hold. The Shanshan figure at the end of the pen also has the function of a clamp, which can be fixed on books, clothes and other places, being convenient and durable.

“Shanshan” Series Bookmark  (姗姗系列书签)

It is also the creation of Shanshan series. Shanshan bookmark has a cute shape, which is the theme of the integration of Shanshan and plants. The two styles are Rose X Shanshan and Ginkgo X Shanshan respectively. Brass bookmark has a certain degree of toughness. The finished product of hollowed-out design is very delicate. A rose or Ginkgo is attached to the end of the metal chain connecting the bookmark, attracting readers’ eyes.

As the distance between the museum and the public is getting closer and closer, the museum’s cultural and creative products are showing its special attraction. From key chains to canvas bags, they make creative products interesting while ensuring their practicability. They are also a good way to make people more willing to know about the museum and history and culture. Anyway, don’t forget to take them back home when you travel to museums in Xi ‘an.