Chengdu Entertainment and Nightlife

When in Chengdu be sure not to miss authentic Chengdu specialties like are Tea Tasting, Sichuan Opera and Chinese Folk Art to experience the traditional lifestyle of the local people. Chengdu is the “Land of Dramas”. Early in the Tang Dynasty there was a saying “Sichuan Opera tops the world”. Face changing, or “bianlian” in Chinese, is an important cultural heritage with only a few true masters.

Shufeng Yayun
Shenfeng Yayun once was an assembly hall for famous Sichuan operatic actors. In recent times, It has assumed this role and gathers the distinguished actors in Sichuan Province once again to hold Sichuan Opera Performances to highlight the unique skills of its performers each evening. 
Hours: 20:00-21:30
Address: No.23 Qintai Road (In Chengdu Culture Park), Chengdu
Phone: 028-87764530
Transportation: Buses: 25, 46, or 103

Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage 
Performances on this stage are strikingly and include Sichuan opera, puppet shows, shadow play, rolling lamps, tea steeping skills, face changing, and fire spitting. Many people perform the face changing and fire spitting simultaneously. Shows on Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage starts at 20:00 every night and the entire show lasts for one and a half hours. All the seats are in the open air. Cost-free tea and snacks are available.

Shunxing Ancient Teahouse
Address: 198 Century City Boulevard, Chengdu, 610041, Sichuan Province Shunxing Ancient Teahouse is an ideal place for tourists because you can not only enjoyed the authentic covered bowl tea and many kinds of Sichuan snacks, but also the famous Sichuan opera face –changing performance.

Qing Yang Gong
Qing Yang Gong is located in Chengdu City, SiChuan Province, on West Section 2 of the First Ring Road along the Jinjiang River. It is the oldest and largest Taoist temple in the Southwest of China and is regarded as a cultural and historical site of great importance in Chengdu because of its history. According to legend, Qing Yang Gong was said to be the birth place of the founder of Taoism, Lao Tsu, and is where he made his first sermon about Taoism. Ever since Taoism was established, this temple was said to be holy place for immortals to get together.

Teahouse Features Consumptions Address
Shunxing Ancient Teahouse All locals snacks can be found here 40 p/p 198 Century City Boulevard, Chengdu, 610041, Sichuan Province
Wenshuyu Teahouse In the open air 10-15 p/p Wenshufang Pedestrian Street
Dacisi Buddhist Teahouse Quiet environment & high quality of tea 20 p/p Dacisi, Dongfeng Road
Qing Yang Gong Teahouse Very good vegetarian food 20 p/p Qing Yang Gong

Clubs in Chengdu

Pubs and nightclubs are everywhere in Chengdu and most are very affordable. Chengdu’s nightlife probably ranks as one of the best out of all of Chinese popular cities.

A place to meet new friends, hang out and most of all they serve great variety of food especially the pizza and the potato wedges! You can find draught beer in Shamrock! A place you’ll definitely have to go in Chengdu.

The Chengdu International Women’s Club offers a wide variety of regular social activities including monthly luncheons, coffee mornings and nights out, as well as special events. There are also many groups within CIWC including a book group, a crafter’s group, a tennis club, and a playgroup for those with young children.

Club 88 
Club 88 is one of Chengdu’s hottest clubs. It has been redecorated recently. This place has a go-go atmosphere where people dance until early in the morning. It is recommended to get there early to get your own tables. Don’t dress down.

Babi I
Babi I features R&B music. The crowd here is very friendly, so just try to chat with them and probably they will invite you to join their group and offer you a drink.

Highfly Café
Highfly Café serves beer, western snacks and pizza and pasta. The internet is accessible for guests as well as a small collection of books. It also opens for breakfast.

Castle Club 
This place has a mysterious attractive quality, what it lacks in style it makes up for in comfort, unique on-stage performances and good mix of hip-hop and rock ’n ’roll music. The busiest time for Castle Club starts about 11.30pm.