Zhongnan Mountains in Xian

Why is Zhongnan Mountains So Special?

  1. The Zhongnan Mountains have been a popular dwelling-place for Daoist hermits since at least the Qin Dynasty.  The Complete Perfection Sect, one of the largest branches of modern Taoism, was founded in the Zhongnan mountains by Song Dynasty Taoist Wang Chongyang.
  2. Zhongnan Mountains is a National AAAA Tourist Attractions, World Geopark, National Forest Park, National Nature Reserve. On August 23, 2009, UNESCO officially entered  Qinling Zhongnan Mountain into the World Geopark.
  3. Zhongnan Mountains is located in the north and south China continental plate collision main body position of the split, is China’s north and south of natural geology, geography, ecology, climate, environment and the humanities line. Zhongnan mountains, known as “China Natural Zoo” and “Asia Natural Botanical Garden”, is characterized by geological relics of Qinling orogenic belt, quaternary geological relics, geomorphic relics and ancient human remains.

Where is The Zhongnan Mountains?

The Zhongnan Mountains are of the birthplaces of Taoism and are also called Taiyi Mountains. Situated 9.3 miles (15 km) to the south of Chang’an District in Xian City, these mountains form the middle section of the Qinling Mountains. They extend from Meixian County in Baoji City in the west to Lantian County in the east of Xi’an.

How to get to Zhongnan Mountains

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Independent Traveler

1. Take Huanshan tour line 1 to reach Straw Hut Temple, Guifeng Mountain and Louguantai directly.
2. Take Huanshan tour line 2 to reach Zhixiang Temple, Shibian Pass, South Wutai Mountain and Cuihua Mountain directly.
3. Take public bus 500 at Xi’an Railway Station and get off at the South Wutai station, then walk southward 109 yards (100 meters) to South Wutai Mountain.

Main Attractions

Zhongnan Mountains National Forest Park

Created in 1992 and covering an area of 18.5 square miles (48 square kilometers), Cuihua Mountain National Geopark is an important part. It consists of three areas, namely steep cliffs, rock formations and barrier lakes. Zhongnan Mountains National Forest Park can be divided into four scenic spots, Cuihua Mountain, South Wutai Mountain, Stone Turtle Valley and Arhat Plateau. Also, there are some temples located there such as Zhaoyin Temple, Bamboo Forest Temple, as well as springs like Pearl Spring, Deer Running Spring and Tiger Running Spring.

As one of main branches of the mountains, Cuihua Mountain is famous for its rock formations, caves and lakes shaped by geological processes. It has been designated as a National Forest Park and world Geology Park. Here, you may witness many giant stones towering in different postures that add character to the splendid scenery. Cuihua Mountain has several peculiar lakes and notable among these are Tianchi Lake and Ganqiu Lake. The lakes are can be covered with a thick mist at all times of the year, and look especially gorgeous at sunrise and sunset. These are also good spots for fishing and boating for tourists.

South Wutai Mountain is well-known as a sacred place of Buddhism. There are five main peaks towering up in this mountain, so visitors can have a whole view of the beautiful scenery from the mountain foot. The peaks are steep and sharp covered verdant plants, with many valleys and streams scattered between the hills. South Wutai Mountain is a significant birthplace of Buddhism, and there have been hundreds of temples there of which a few have survived the wars. Throughout history many celebrities have visited here to enjoy the summer resort or to pray in the temples. 

Guifeng Mountain

Guifeng Mountain, also called Jianshan Mountain, is steep and straight with an altitude of 5,013 feet (1,528 meters). It is surrounded by a three-faced cliff, and the mountain owes its name to its cucurbit shape. Near the mountain, High Crown Falls cascades sharply down 65 feet (20 meters) which is quite grand and gorgeous. Along the waterfall, the pool beneath suddenly becomes calm and tranquil, and visitors can feel inner peace and mentally refreshed. When touring in Guifeng Mountain, visitors also can enjoy camping or self-service barbecue.

Located in the southeast of Zhouzhi County, as the earliest birthplace of Quanzhen Taoism in China, Louguantai is widely regarded as a sacred religious site. The long history of Taoism, the myths, legends and abundance of cultural relics attract devotees of Taoism and other visitors from all corners of the country. The forest flourishes here, and straight bamboos surround buildings, to create a reclusive environment that fuses with the cultural relics. There are many cultural relics of the ancient Zhou (1046 – 256 BC), Qin (221 – 207 BC), Han and Tang Dynasties. 

Wangshun Mountain

As a National Forest Park, Wangshun Mountain is rich in both natural and cultural sceneries. It’s said that this mountain has both the steepness of Mt. Huashan and the beauty of Yellow Mountain. You will wonder at natural craftsmanship, seeing the strange stones, “A Thread of Sky” and the Millennium Azalea Tree. You will also learn about Chinese filial tradition by visiting the statues of filial stories and the Temple of Dutiful Son. Wangshun Mountain is a good place to hide away from the heat of city in summer.

Best Time to Visit

Spring (march-may) : suitable for historical sites, natural scenic spots, can wear thin shirt.   
Autumn (September – November) : suitable for visiting historical sites, natural scenic spots, but the climate sometimes changeable, to pay attention to prevent a cold.

Winter is not a good time to travel Xi’an, followed by summer: winter is cold and dry, the temperature is low, cold and biting when the wind blows.At this time to visit the indoor attractions more appropriate. Summer is very hot, especially in the middle of summer, the sun is strong, around noon is the sun exposure; There are occasional storms, but they come and go quickly. Please take precautions against sun protection when you go out.

Nearby Attractions

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Ticket Price:
    Zhongnan Mountains National Forest Park: CNY 20
    Guifeng Mountain: CNY 15

  2. It is forbidden to bring: colorful flags, gongs, drums, treble horns, fireworks, firecrackers and other inflammable and explosive goods, harmful and toxic substances, controlled knives, guns and dangerous goods stipulated by law.
  3. It is forbidden to smoke or use naked flame in non-smoking places in the park.
  4. Transportation

    Zhongnan Mountains National Forest Park: Taiyi Palace Station, Xizuo expressway;

    Wangshun Mountain: Xi ‘an Railway Station East take the Xilan High-speed to arrive at Lantian County, and then take the midibus to Lanqiao Twn to get off;

    Cuihua Mountain: take the 905 tourist line in Xi ‘an City, reach the Cuihua Mountain tourist station inTaiyi Town, and then walk about 200 meters to get there.

    South Wutai Mountain: no. 500 to the Guanzhong Folk  Museum Station; Huanshan tour line 2 gets off at “South Wutai” station. No. 4-04: get off at the “Xinghuo Village” station.